Best Applications For Lawyers for Perfect Legal Practice Management

Working as an attorney is a vigorous exercise for the mind. You have been rendering your services as a lawyer and chances are that you have discovered that it is quite tedious. Being a lawyer and dealing with cases on an everyday basis can be quite exhausting. There is a large flow of information that you have to manage every day. Efficient management of your legal practice will ensure a systematic working and better output.

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That is why here we are going to discuss Best Applications For Lawyers for the hassle free legal practice management while taking benefits of latest technological trends.


Clio is software that is widely popular among practicing lawyers as it helps in practice management, management of clientele and helps in keeping time and billing records in place. Using this application will make your data get stored on the server of the company. The reason for this is that this application is cloud based software for a law firm. This application comprises of legal calendaring, task management, trust accounting, time tracking, and document management.  For law firms which are emerging and trying to establish themselves, this application can prove to be extremely useful.

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Amicus Attorney

Amicus Attorney is a very useful application that is especially been designed for lawyers. By using this software, lawyers can effectively manage their time by tracking it, manage tedious and lengthy documents which are an integral part of their practice and which can also get thoroughly confusing at times. Apart from these, additional features include legal calendaring, customer relationship management and it also manages your list of contacts with proper categories which would add to your efficiency. Amicus Attorney also contains a list of consultants across US that could help you with your own law practice as well as render additional support for using this software.

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Many a times, different law firms require a single software solution that is integrated and devised to run both MAC and Windows operating systems. If you are also of such contenders, consider getting HoudiniSQ for your usage. This is a software devised for legal practice management and is mainly targeted to the law firms which have the requirement of a single integrated software solution. It is mainly available in desktop versions and cloud based solutions. This software is very helpful in managing your daily emails, managing clients and their requirements and management of invoices that you receive from time to time. The software is also very useful if you are looking for the management of trust accounting and customizable workflow automation.

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Easy TimeBill & Trust Accounting

The name of this software is quite self-explanatory. Easy TimeBill & Trust Accounting is an application which is used for managing the legal practice and the bills produced during the course of any legal proceedings that are being worked on by the attorney. This software is mostly used by small law firms that are just starting out or solo legal practitioners. Its features are basic, easy to use and very effective in management if the trivial yet important tasks like legal calendaring, list of tasks to be done, cover letters, banking reconciliations, invoices that are customizable and the management of reports.

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Legal Files

Legal files is an application which is very useful in managing matter of you’re the cases being handles, managing any sort of litigation, maintaining file notes, tracking the responses lawyers receive, document text searching, automated scheduling of the everyday and weekly tasks and messaging through phones and several other functions. If you are a practicing attorney or are just starting up a law firm, this Legal Files is an appropriate application for you as it would save a lot of your mental fatigue in managing documents and files, as well as keep your work in order.

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Well, being a lawyer means heavy consumption of your time and a series of bills released on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. And if you are just starting out, chances are that these details and processes could baffle you no end. You do not need to get bogged down by the high demands of your profession. You can simply choose to use Bill4Time application and depend on it to prepare bills on an hourly rate appropriately. Go for the legal edition of this software as that is industry specific. The legal billing software of Bill4Time includes trust accounting, trust reporting, checking of interests that are being conflicted in any manner, America Bar Association (ABA) task Codes and LEDES export for invoices.

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