Best Cinemagraph Apps For Your Mobile

If you are looking for the best cinemagraph apps for your mobile phone then you must not miss the best cinemagraph apps given below:

1) Cinemagram

Cinemagram lets you create the perfect blend of video and photo. You can animate portions of the photo with the video, and apply a range of effects and filters to create your final image. Cinemagram enables easy sharing to your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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2) Flixel

Flixel has a simple interface with the standard options of filters and effects. Loop delay can create a nice effect and Flixel even lets you comment on your friends’ flixel pictures that they upload. There is an option to view the most “loved” Flixels on a weekly, monthly and all-time basis. Can save to Camera Roll and be easily uploaded to social media.

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3) Ecograph

Billed as the Instagram of Gifs, Ecograph likes to present itself as the storytelling medium for iPhones and iPads. There are tutorials on and the ability to share on social media and files are saved as GIFS as opposed to a video file (like many other programs).

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 4) Kinotopic

Kinotopic offers the same cinemagraphic features as the other apps, and even has a nice streamlined interface for sharing on social media platforms. The Kinos network itself allows the sharing and commenting of animations as well. As with all of these apps, custom filters, effects and borders are the norm.

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5) iCinemagraph

The iCinemagraph app is nice because of its high resolution animations (640×360), and the fact that its not limited to a small window of time; animations can be as long as you want them to be. Standard filters and effects apply, and the animations get saved onto Camera Roll and can be freely distributed upon creation.

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6) Fotodanz

Fotodanz is the premiere cinemagraph option for android devices. It has options of 3 or 5 second video footage, multiple animation areas, and options for filters, effects, and looping. Sharing is made easy to social media and even text messaging. Can be shared through email as well. While the interface is clunkier than the iPhone versions, this app still has favorable reviews and is a great choice for those who want an android only option for cinemagraphs.

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While all 6 of these apps are a great choice, Cinemagram is by far the most popular and has the best reviews. While the iPhone leads this side of cinemagraphic pictures in terms of options, cinemagram is coming to android as well and so the potential for animated pictures on smart phones is really only limited by your imagination!

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