5 Budget-Friendly Vintage Bedroom Ideas to Decorate Your Lovely Space

Is there anything as gorgeous, whimsical, romantic and stylish as vintage decor? Probably not! The vintage look is one that has stuck around, despite multiple trends in interior design emerging rapidly and disappearing just as quickly.

Vintage is all about soft lines and materials, which are brought together to create an air of nostalgia.

However, vintage isn’t really for everyone.

You need to feel it before you experience it with all of your senses. Since you are on this blog looking for some advice on vintage decorating, you are probably already there! So, let’s begin!

Go Natural

Vintage interior is all about natural finishes. The best thing to do is start from the floor up. First, paint your wooden floors are natural, light color to give the space that romantic feel.

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Every piece and part of your vintage bedroom (we’ll explain a bit later, extensively) should be styled in such a way that the pieces don’t stand out from one another but create a wonderful, homogenous romantic interior.

Paint is Everything

The color plays a really important role in vintage design (it does in every other too, but with vintage the importance of proper color is taken on another level of interior design). You want to go with soft colors, muted ones preferably and shades of the colors you would normally use.

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The most often used colors in vintage design are beige, eggshell, white, muted yellow, green and blue and sometimes pink (usually in accents).

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Also, wallpaper are a wonderful option, especially the ones that are now, in design, officially called “vintage wallpaper” (you can browse these online if you are not sure what they are) or wallpaper with animal and floral accents.

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Interior decorators who mastered their vintage expertise would usually choose just one wall for the wallpaper, the “main wall” as they call it to be the carrier of the room. Normally, this wall would be the one facing the entrance so it grabs the attention of anyone coming into the room. Also, the head of the bead would usually face this wall.

Fabric Kingdom

Delicate, delicate, delicate!

Vintage design is specific because it predominantly consists of lace, silk, organza, taffeta and the softest cotton you can find. You want everything looking luxurious, rich and – remember – the more layered the better. However, don’t go overboard and make a fabric circus out of your place. Choose wisely and smartly and keep those silhouettes looking elegant!

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Add wool to the mix to warm up the look. Maybe throw in a handmade blanket? Handmade items are so vintage!

Elegant Silhouettes

Elegance is one of the main features of vintage styled bedrooms and interiors overall. The softer the better. The point of vintage is to give you that sense of calamity, happiness and elegance and you’ll achieve that with elegant finishes, round edges, and unusual shapes like rhomboid and ellipse for accents.

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silhouette vintage bedroom

Remember, every single silhouette counts and at a point in may make or break the entire interior.

The Detailing

For every interior, details play a huge role and vintage style is no exception. Make use of mirrors, glass perfume bottles, antique jewellery boxes, and beads. Play with placement of your necklaces, feather hats, and such similar things.

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For instance, hang your necklaces on the wall-mounted coat rack to create striking décor features and add the space a special, unique note.

Hang pictures and photos dear to your heart on the walls. Most interior design experts would suggest choosing one, so called “accent wall” for the photos or lining them up along the staircase leading to your bedroom.

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Play with mirrors of different shapes and sizes. Buy a makeup vanity too, they are very popular with this style.

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Opt for floor rugs made of wool or any other lux and rich texture. The color should be in muted light colors too to match the enterior.

Keep in mind that you can find many vintage pieces at flea markets as well as vintage and second-hand shops. Flea markets deliver wonderful finds from time to time,  and they are not even expensive!

So, with this guide you’ve got some pretty good insights into vintage design. We wish you a happy decorating! Good luck!