Building Influential Email Marketing Campaign That Converts Better

An effective email marketing campaign helps in ensuring the successful growth of product and promotional launch. The key aspects of a strong email campaign includes identifying your product & customers and deciding the best ways to reach them. The word “converts” here, means that every email you send to your visitors is able to generate sale, if you are promoting any affiliate products or lead or to get the targeted traffic to your site.

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Email marketing can be one of the best approaches occupied by your business, but an efficient email campaign is not that easy to attain. It is quite challenging task for even seasoned marketers. Copy is one of the key determinants of whether an email campaign succeeds or fails, when it comes to email marketing. If you are a newbie or haven’t sent any email before, then following the below discussed quick email marketing tips will definitely help you to get a successful return on your investment.

Quick Tips For Mastering Email Marketing

Here are given useful tips for email marketing campaign you can follow to get a better conversion rate than your competitors.

Prepare An Email List With Engaged Individuals

Build an email list by convincing current, previous and potential customers to provide you with their email address. Persuade them and ask for the permission to send them email by providing a submit form on your website or a basic clipboard on your front counter. You may opt for explicit permission and ask people directly, if they would be interested in receiving emails about your topic. It would be much better, if you give them an example of what they will get and inform them how often they will receive it. An updated and accurate data list have better chances of engagement with minimum bounce-back rates. You must follow the tips to build email list from experts in this field.

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Segment Your Audience And Focus On Relevance

It is the best approach to use the identified information about your customers to send them targeted messages. It will be much easier for you to supply them relevant information, once you come to know their immediate interests. The more you know your audience, the better you will be able to deal with them. Segment your audience list and develop specific offers for each target customer, if possible. There are many companies who collect relevant data from users and it will help you further segment and understand your email lists.

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Share Your Knowledge And Industry Know How

Sharing your knowledge and industry secret is one of the best strategies of content marketing. Engage your audience by giving them some value in exchange for listening to you. Just let them know that you understand their problem very well and can provide them the best possible solution. They will definitely come back for your assistance, if you help them to make money with your knowledge. But, do not disclose your best kept secrets right from the beginning and try to break up emails to build up momentum with your campaign. Also, make sure that you incorporate a strong call-to-action.

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Give A Structure To Your Email Marketing Campaign

You can automate your campaign that could work the best for your business. Here is a brief example for you that will help in building an effective email marketing campaign. The first email should welcome the customer and inform them what they can expect with their subscription. The second may offer genuine help and the third complementing the preceding email. The fourth and fifth emails can offer fresh outlook to their problem and get a broader view of problem respectively. The seventh one may contain a special offer. You can build a strong email marketing structure this way.

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Useful Tips To Build Your Readership


Use a powerful subject line as it increases the opening rates of email. A captivating subject line is able to capture the recipient’s attention.

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*  Always use an active voice to strengthen your email. As the sentence in present tense have more energy and directness both of which keep the readers engaged and keep turning the pages.

Humanize your email with a personal tone and do not use a lot of images.

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*  Make sure to include one call-to-action per email. However, a single call-to-action  can be repeated in the same email for reinforcement or emphasis.

Ensure the relevancy of copy of call-to-action as per email’s content or offer. Also, call-to-action should be colorful and standout among the text.

Thus, the main goal here is conversions, not only click-throughs. Make sure that you are able to track your conversion rate from every email version to ensure that you are not losing any sales. The message provided in your email should be consistent with the message on your site. You may lose your customers, if the promised deal is not perfectly apparent on your website. Also, your email should echo the look and feel of your site so that the customers may not confuse, if they have landed on the correct page. You can go for free wordpress plugins to build email list easily and quickly.

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