Business Card Design: Essentials of Designing an Effective Business Card

Are you a business man and do you constantly travel and meet new people? It might be very much a demanding job and it is of course your bread winning tactic that you are working so hard at capturing and negotiating businesses. Businesses not only need good business people but also good accessories or good support system that can complement their efforts.

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One such I believe is having a good business card. Mind you, I have been there and I have seen a lot of such vague reactions people give when they asked for my card. My story goes like this – in the initial days of my career I didn’t find the need of a card because well, I was never a design heard. After promotion, it didn’t strike me quite as such. So, after a successful business meeting and I was sure of the deal being closed, my new clients would ask for my card and I would give them a blank expression.

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They would politely leave undoubtedly, murmuring under their breath “he doesn’t have a card” and that was when I realized that how much a business card holds value. It is important that people know you and your business.

Your business gets one shot easy marketing due to the fact that there is a valid business card speaks a million words which you probably could never have understood as a successful negotiator. You need to realize that when you are handing out a card to a prospect or an existing client, indirectly it is marketing your business.

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Well, the next thing I did was log on to the internet and there it was shining back at me – that ensured me that I could have the card which I had conveniently forgotten so far.  While designing for a business card was when I realized that what I needed was not just a card – there were a huge number of things to be taken care of. Here goes the list:

Size of the Card (It can vary depending upon amount of text and other elements)

Texture of the Card (It must suit nature of product or service)

Purpose of the Card (It must be conveyed concisely)

Shape of the Card (It can depend upon the latest trends)

Number of Cards to Printed (It depends upon demand)

Color of the Card (It must match company logo colors)

Contact Details (It includes the name, full address, email, fax etc)

Here we have shared various business card designs with an idea to put company name and other details in a different way. Let’s have a look:


Don’t get scared seeing the above list. These are deemed as the essential for that is how a card gets presented to the world and that is how you must be able to communicate well to whom you want to give the cards to.

Well, this list isn’t exhaustible but I needed to understand that these details do matter and it is important that you too take care of such small points when you get a card designed.

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Chris is a Digital Marketing design head and what he likes the most is the way designs create magic. Located in the beautiful town of Surrey with a picturesque landscape to fill in imagination, it is Martin’s favorite job to mix different kind of designs to produce some of the best creations.