Car Apps; 5 Apps to Help Used Car Owners Enjoy a Smooth Ride

There is upward of 40 million cars that make up the used vehicle market in the United States, according to MSN Autos. If you recently got your hands on one, use these car apps to ensure that everything works well with your new-to-you car.

Replacement Parts

If your used car needs a bit of work to get completely up and running, Auto Parts Warehouse will help you find all the parts you’re going to need. This app puts a complete parts inventory under your fingertips, making it easy to get exactly what you need without spending forever looking for it.

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Vehicle History

When you have your eye on a particular car, investigate its past to find out exactly what it’s been through. The VIN Scanning Appraiser gives you a complete history associated with that VIN number, enabling you to see accidents and other relevant points in its history. You don’t want to pick up a used car without running the VIN number, as there’s plenty that can be hidden with just a few quick repairs and a paint job.

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Gas Pricing

You’re already doing so well at saving money by picking up a used car instead of a new car, so continue that frugality by using Gas Buddy. CNN recommends it to help you find the best gas prices. It’s part smartphone app and part social network, revolving around finding the best gas prices and uploading them to the service.

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A similar app exists for electric and plug in hybrid vehicles called Plugshare, which details the locations of many electric charging stations across the United States. If you’re wondering how to easily tell if a vehicle is a hybrid or electric when you’re browsing a dealership or buy-here pay-here lot, look for a Smartway logo located on the car. That’s how you know you’re at least getting your hands on a hybrid vehicle.

Car Management

aCar is an excellent car management app that you’ll never let leave your side once you start using it. It’s got a simple interface that is packed to the brim with details about your car. You can track how often you service the car, expenses, trips and gas mileage. The data is useful for figuring out whether the car is cost-effective for what you paid or if you are spending more than you’re comfortable with on maintenance. If possible, input the original owner’s maintenance records, so you have an idea of trends over time. When you want the ultimate logbook for your vehicle, you’re going to get it with this great app.