Using Cartoon Theme to Decorate Your Home without Looking Juvenile

When comparing homes that have been carefully decorated, you might see stripes and solids, rich fabrics in pale colours, or even a splash of abstract art. Unless you’re decorating children’s rooms you rarely see cartoon characters or designs that centre around line art and caricatures. However, since lots of designers, artists, and creative people get their inspiration from Spiel Animations and cartoons in general it isn’t completely unheard of to include these kinds of graphics tastefully inside of the home. Consider areas that would benefit from a generous dose of personality so that you can create an ode to your favourite cartoons, animated films and bold characters.


The Use of Animation Themes in the Bathroom

Your bathroom can make a great canvas for embarking on your cartoon character themed home. Using classic animation cells, you can create some decorative artwork for your bathroom that creates a centre focal point. The shower curtain is also a wonderful place for you to use a cartoon theme as that area of your bathroom can be as busy or as kitschy as you want it to be and still be very appropriate. Bathroom rugs don’t have to be boring or plain, so think about using colour to help meld your cartoon theme together with style and careful planning.

Cartoon Stylings in the Living Room

Some fans of cartoon characters such as Hello Kitty are so dedicated to their collections that they have purchased custom made couches and even wallpaper so that their homes can be decorated with cute pink bows from floor to ceiling. No matter how much you love cartoons and animation, you have to know where to add it a dash of your passion and when to hold back. For instance, including a trio of framed posters of animated films right over top of your couch will bring attention to the cartoon theme without making it all encompassing. Finding memorabilia such as action figures and coffee mugs that are emblazoned with the images of favoured cartoon characters will also make the living room feel more alive.

Including Cartoon Themes in the Bedroom Area

If you live alone, you can sleep on superhero themed bedroom sheets or have Hello Kitty curtains up in your bedroom with no complaints. On the other hand, if you have a significant other who does not share in your love of all things animated, compromising will definitely be in order. Look for classy decorations that will enable you to keep cartoons alive in your sleep quarters without them completely taking over. Display a book on the history of cartoons on your nightstand or keep your cartoon character themed bathroom hung on your closet door. This will help you in maintaining the cartoon theme without making your better half feel like they’re drowning on the set of an animated film.

Your home doesn’t have to look like the inside of a comic book shop for visitors to know that you are really, really into cartoons. Add some reminders of animation in every room while still maintaining a unique theme in each area. Your ideas will come out loud and clear but they’ll also be exceptionally grown up.