Clever Ways to Use Promotional Products to Build Business Brand

Promotional product marketing has been around for a long time. Businesses want to get their name out to their market quickly and effectively and offering promotional products has proven to be an effective method when it is executed in the right way. If you have considered implementing promotional products into your business’s marketing strategy, you can use the clever tactics below to further enhance your business’s brand and profile among your staff, customers and industry peers.

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Create Your Brand’s Consistency among Your Staff

Allow your business’s brand to gain more awareness by having your staff promote your message through the branded items that they are using. You can brand stationery, kitchenware, tools and staff clothing to maximise your brand’s consistency and message within your work environment. If you see the Google office, they successfully accomplish this with their customised promotional products in their office which their staff can share with clients or peers.

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Promote Trendy Branded Products

Every year there are new products that come into the market that creates a buzz. Your business can benefit from social or market trends by branding its own form of the popular product. For example, in 2014 to 2015, there was a huge demand for hoverboards. These boards were widely promoted and used by celebrities and quickly became trendy and fashionable. These products could easily be rebranded with your logo as a part of a promotional campaign. Your business could benefit from the buzz and the free promotion when the user is gliding on the hoverboard down the street.

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2Offer Free Gifts

People like receiving gifts. You can benefit from providing gifts that showcase or represent your business. These gifts can be used in competitions, sweepstakes or they can be given to prospective customers to enhance your brand image and to reinforce positive sentiment with the recipient.

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Use Your Branded Promotional Products as Rewards

It is widely known that people love to be recognised and rewarded for their efforts. Your business can benefit from this by offering promoted products as rewards or prizes for people working internally in your business (which will help to boost employee morale and productivity) or externally to clients or business supply partners that can advocate your brand to other prospects. Simple ways to achieve this include developing branded product awards such as trophies and plaques. Alternatively, providing the recipient with branded gift packs that will get people promoting their rewards from your business.

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Write Compelling Salesletters to Leverage Your Branded Products

Salesletters are an effective form of marketing. One of the challenges with salesletters is getting your salesletters noticed and read. One of the popular tactics is sending attached items or bulky salesletters to get it to stand out from the rest of the letters the recipient receives. Your salesletter will already prove to be an effective way of branding your business. You can further enhance your business’s brand image by adding a branded product in your mail.

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Place Promotional Products at Home and in Office

You want to get your business exposure in front of the right people. Promoting the right products that can be used in your recipient’s lifestyle will allow your brand presence to remain in front of the right people all of the time. For example, if you need your business to remain in front of the right decision maker when they need to make a choice to select a new supplier, it is more likely that they will contact a brand that they are familiar with resulting from your product promotion.

Your business has a great opportunity to leverage promotional products to enhance the business’s brand perception. With a little investment, your brand’s positive sentiment can rise and spur new customers and referrals over the long run. Find out more about how promotional product marketing can help your business today!

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