Top 10 Color Preferences for Bedroom Decor in 2014

With 2014 dawning, new trends and practices are going to replace the trends of yesteryears, especially in interior design, since monotony is the last thing needed when it comes to decor and design ideas. That is why this new year brings along its own color influences for bedroom decor and this passage is dedicated to present you with top 10 color preferences for bedroom decor in 2014.


Black, though personal favorite for many of us, seems to be pushed back in top 10 list for 2014, but it still does not lose its significance in adorning your bedrooms. It is a dark color, but it still looks very chic, especially in wallpaper patterns like the one given below.

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Pink, though considered to be typically feminine in nature, serves to add a liveliness of its own to kids bedroom design theme. This would work wonders if you plan presenting your lovely daughter her own bedroom on her 16th birthday.

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Green has made it to the 8th place in this top 10 countdown. The good thing about green is that it bestows you many different hues, offering you much versatility in its own right. Deep forest green would look great if you are thinking of wooden bedroom furniture for a traditional and warm ambience. If you long for cool and calm effects, pastel green would be wondrous, while bright green would exude fun and spark in your bedroom.

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Beige can be seen as a subtle variation of white, not the clean cut one, but a bit softer version. It not only brightens a room, but adds certain warmth in the ambience of a bedroom. Beige themed bedroom when adorned with a magnificent  leather beds, instantly turns into an eye-catcher, just like in the image below.

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Brown shows up on 6th place in our top 10 countdown for bedroom colors this year. Depending upon the hues chosen, brown is capable of exuding very warm, very rustic as well as very contemporary look all at once, as the image below portrays.

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Don’t be surprised to see wooden themed bedroom at number 5 this year, as every year brings its own trends and preferences. Different shades and feels of wood enable you to choose from a wide range of themes varying from very rustic to very contemporary. It could become one of best bedroom color ideas 2014.

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White is surely one of the classics. Its neat and clean look not only brightens a room, but adds a soothing glow to it.

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White with Accents

White with accents makes it to the top 3 for 2014. We are not talking about classic white themed bedroom, but one with brightly colored accents added here and there to incorporate some life, buzz and bright vibes in a bedroom.

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Blue is our runner up for this 2014 top 10 bedroom color countdown. Blue has this undeniable beauty and tranquility to its credit and the variation in its hues makes it even more worth a while.

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Grey bedrooms make it to the victory stand in this countdown for 2014. You can go rustic as well as contemporary with neutral vibes of different shades of this multifaceted color. Thanks to the contemporary furniture industry, readily serving us with an amalgam of versatility and affordability; you can conveniently get such liberties with cheap faux leather beds at your disposal.

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We hope this list cues you to the best bedroom design for 2014. Click here for more info.