Cool Ideas to Transform Your Bedroom into A Favorite Space

Redesigning an office space can be rather challenging when you don’t have ideas. The good news is you don’t have to be a renowned interior designer to transform a boring space into the most welcoming room of the house. All you need is a bit of imagination to get started. Check the web for advice; there are hundreds of blogs and tutorials you can use as inspiration. Believe it or not, the smallest changes can have the biggest impact. There’s no need to change the furniture or take down walls to transform a dull bedroom into a sleeping kingdom.

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Repaint the Walls

Giving the walls a new coat of paint can be a great start. It will make the room smell fresh and new, not to mention that a change of color will also make the furniture and the accessories look completely different. There are hundreds of shades and color combos you can consider, although you should assess your current décor first. Not all shades work with pink furniture, black shades, and colorful rugs. Choose a dominant color, and then add in complementing nuances to seal the room and give it a warm, welcoming effect.

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Let Your Room Breathe

Do whatever you can to avoid overcrowding your space. Make your bedroom look gracious and allow the overall space to breathe. Ditch items you no longer use, and add in functional furniture pieces: a coffee table with shelves, stools with hidden compartments, shelves on the walls rather than a bookcase, etc. Focus your attention on quality and avoid stuffing the bedroom with useless things. This way you’ll have enough space to move around. High-backed chairs, a low coffee table or desk, and a light-colored rug are décor items you might want to invest in because they add elegance and comfort.

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Choose A Theme

A theme is highly advised when decorating a kids’ bedroom. Toddlers want their spaces to have all kinds of cartoon paintings on the walls, as well themed bedsheets with their favorite Disney characters. Adults on the other hand, should choose more elegant and stylish themes. A Vintage-like décor will modern accents might be just what you need to make sleeping your next favorite “sport”. Invest in an old-fashioned master bed and add vintage-inspired nightstands. For an extra touch of innovation, consider oversized lamps. Your space will scream comfort, especially if you include a fluffy rug too.

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Throw Pillows are A Must

Decorative pillows can totally change the general vibe of a room. They will make it look more comfortable and relaxing, thus making Sunday reading sessions a genuine pleasure. Once again, decide on the best and softest variants. Organic pillows adorned with polka-dots or patterns, or throw pillows with funky messages will transform a dull bedroom into the most comfortable room of the house.

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Seating Area by the Window

A seating area by the window is a great idea because it fosters even more comfort. It is relaxing and it complements the décor, thus transforming a simple bedroom into a meditation environment. Avoid including a TV, and dedicate the space for rest and relaxation only. Include a cozy blanket too, some pillows and a side table where you can place books and magazines.

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The Bed – Most Important Décor Item

The master bed is a key item in every bedroom, and if it’s not comfortable enough, the whole décor is compromised. Following your decision to redesign and redecorate, you should also replace the mattress. Invest in a new one that makes you feel comfortable, and search the market for a mattress that best matches with your body type. Memory foam, latex crib mattresses, and coil variants are among the best. Test more than one, and then decide on the mattress that can make you fall asleep in an instant.

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Last but not least, don’t forget about window treatments. Top-to-bottom curtains and shades that create enough shadow in the summer are the best. The main purpose of curtains is to make your bedroom look complete. There are lots of patterns, fabrics and models you can choose from. Egyptian cotton is particular, is a durable type of fabric that blocks direct sun light and creates coolness. This fabric is recommended for bed sheets as well, because it traps heat and allows the skin to breathe.