Coolest Steel Framed Homes in the World

There are a host of incredibly designed homes across the world. With increased flexibility not to mention being cost effective, steel is being used more and more as a frame for properties. From the glorious hills set way above Hollywood, California to the rustic vineyard structures of Tuscany or Burgundy. However, there are also a number of other different contenders to the hottest steel framed homes’ crown. But what are some of the actual contenders and why are they so special?

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Self-Build Home

Known as the Barnhaus, this design by Ed Green is unique as well as innovative. This self-built house uses not only a trendy agricultural barn concept but a steel framework. It has won a prestigious award in the process and comprises of two to three bedrooms which offers more than 90 square metres of space. Some of the advantages to this super cool home features:

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  • An extremely cost effective build at less than £50,000
  • Plenty of insulation.
  • Space for a typical family of four.
  • Using a contemporary steel frame in order to make the basic covering for the property.
  • The ultimate design for the minimum price.
  • A much bigger space and spatially rich.


Created by expert designer Barry Jackson, this particular home has been causing a stir among the press of late. The Hivehaus does exactly what it says on the tin as it consists mainly of a number of different hives or cells which are similar to an actual beehive. In addition to this, it can be adjusted according to the owner’s needs. This means it can start off just as one cell, whilst it can be increased in order to incorporate a host of cells. Meanwhile there is a steel facing laminate on the outside which protects the property from damage. Other elements to these cells include:

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  • Fittings which incorporate uPVC made entirely from aluminum composite.
  • The ability to fit on extras such as windows not to mention skylights.
  • A roof made from GRP which is otherwise known as fiberglass.
  • Rainwater collection.
  • Decking on the outside.
  • Wood burning stoves.

San Francisco

Whether you are looking to undertake a home design in Australia or on the other side of the world, you can find a range of house designs in brisbane and draftsman to suit your specific needs. Yet one of the finest steel based homes can be found in the heart of San Francisco, home of the famous Golden Gates. This particular residence offers plenty of design as well as little maintenance. In addition, it is energy efficient. Among other plus points, its exclusive steel frame offers a greater resistance as far as seismic activity is concerned which is well known in this area. Furthermore it offers:

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  • A luxury design and sleek appearance which is largely in part down to its high end veneer panels.
  • A wealth of natural materials such as stone and glass in order to decrease material processing.
  • An increased level of durability via its steel frame not to mention an impressive roof membrane system.
  • Solar techniques to keep the home warm during the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Excellent irrigation and a direct collection system for rainwater which runs directly underneath its striking Zen garden.
  • A prestigious award from a leading home and garden publication based in San Diego.


You might not think it but an abandoned lot in the South of one of the most popular capitals in the world has seen an impressive property flourish. Designer Carl Turner who in partnership with his wife decided to launch a new terraced flat which was significantly different than their neighbours Victorian style homes. It is considered to be one of the most sustainable homes across the country. Made entirely from a steel type structure, the property provides:

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  • Solar panels.
  • Plenty of lights from its covering of semi-opaque glass.
  • Minimalist design but maximum effect including an office and hand crafted furniture made from birch plywood.
  • A great level of flexibility where the home can suddenly transform from a family home to an apartment block.

With a host of benefits and intricate details, it is no wonder many people are now turning to steel to achieve the next level of architecture and design.

Madeline Varley is a freelance writer for Empire Design and Drafting, a company in Australia that provides office and house designs in Brisbane. Their services are available for renovations of homes and development of multi-units.