How to Create Romantic Space in Your Bedroom?

Your bedroom should be a comfortable and relaxing haven, away from the worries of the world and the stresses of everyday life. It should be a place where you and your other half can look forward to coming home to – a sanctuary to escape to when you just need a bit of peace and quiet.

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If you feel your bedroom needs romanticizing then look no further, here are some great ideas to help turn your bedroom into a cosy, romantic boudoir:

Tidy Up

There is nothing more off putting and unromantic than a bedroom that is cluttered with shoes and clothes, hair accessories and full of bits and bobs that you didn’t know where else to put.

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Move everything off the floor and keep any surfaces on bedside tables and chest of drawers, so that they are tidy and neat. Every morning when you leave the house, be sure to make your bed, as it will look so much more enticing when you get home later that day.


Sometimes just changing the colour theme in your bedroom can give it a whole new feel. Choose a nice romantic colour such as dark red or burgundy – make sure it’s nothing overly feminine so your other half doesn’t feel uncomfortable – and paint the walls.

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To create romantic space, a new colour theme can inject life back into your bedroom and make it feel fresh and exciting – a new haven of paradise in your own home.


New furniture can change a room completely and to make your bedroom more romantic, then a new bed will certainly do the trick. Maybe push the boat out and buy a large luxurious queen size or even king size bed that you will look forward to getting into each night.

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Other bedroom furniture like this one can be romantic too; it’s all about choosing wooden furniture with soft rounded edges that give a soft and soothing feel to any room.


The lighting can make a massive difference when it comes to a romantic room. Garish lighting will make you feel like you’re under a spot light every time you walk in and put you on edge.

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Install a dimmer light into the room which will allow you to dim the lights in the evening to give a soft and romantic setting. You could even go a step further and scatter tea lights and candles around the room that you can light every evening before you go to bed – you must make sure to put them out though before you fall asleep!


One of the easiest ways to give your bedroom a romantic feel is with memories. Fill the room with photos of people you love and wonderful memories you share with each other, or even just art work that you bought on a holiday together.

Place vases of flowers around the room so your bedroom feels natural and fresh – if you can get someone to buy you the flowers then even better.