22+ Creative Home & Kitchen Appliances

Furnishing a home can be a challenging task. There is always a struggle between finding the right appliances that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and of course, fitting for one’s budget. However, with the modern home, there is the added challenge of finding appliances that are original and interesting. Nobody wants the same old things that everyone else has. We always want things that will delight us day after day, and have our friends cooing in admiration.

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Fortunately for homeowners the world over, there are a wealth of remarkable home and kitchen appliances that can tickle the fancy of even the most artistic and discriminating of buyers. Whether you’re looking for appliances with incredibly innovative functionalities, common appliances with unique twists, or even appliances that simply bring you back to a different era, there is an appliance out there perfect for you. So to help you out with your hunt for the fascinating, the quirky, and the ooh-inducing, here are a few creative home and kitchen Canadian Appliance Source Mississauga to appeal to your curiosities.

Pop Art Toaster

Creative Cook-top Stove

Bosh Refrigerator

Retro Rotary Dial Desktop Phone

Thirsty Bird Dispenser

Retro Electric Fan

Gun Meat Grinder

Creative Modern Kitchen Sink


Whimsical Barn Owl Lamp


Neato Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Kidsplace Bee Guidelight

CBTL for a Cup of Frothy Perfection

Minimalist Piped Clock


Fine Mesh Votive Holder


Sleek Soup Maker with Rapid Heating Element

Mixed Animal Pendant Lamp

Mind Blowing Focus Clock

Keebler Personal Pie Maker

Flower Basket Shaped Anion Air Humidifier

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Retro Series Pop-Up Hotdog Toaster

Pizzazz Pizza Oven