Creative Ideas for QR Codes in 2013

Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) are becoming more and more popular. When they were first introduced they were a bit of a novelty, but since then they have come a long way. QR codes can now be found in a variety of places; on business cards, product packaging, banners or printed ads, displayed along with text in printed articles in magazines and newspapers – their use is constantly expanding.

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QR codes themselves can be boring. They are nothing special to look at; a black and white square containing a unique pattern which when scanned with a QR reader, will perform an action – like open a certain URL, or install an app (on smartphones).

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Although they are nothing special to look at, they are very practical and useful for providing an easy way for customers to access more information about your product or service. By using a QR code your potential customers don’t need to write anything down, a simple scan captures the desired information.


What can you do during 2013 to make your QR codes stand out from the crowd, and most importantly, get interaction from your customers? Here are a few ideas of how you can get creative with your quick response codes to get maximum engagement from your customers.

Put the QR Code into a Picture to Make Visual QR Codes

You can really spice up your QR code and make it look much more appealing by placing it onto a picture; you could use your logo, your mascot, an image of your product, or anything else you choose. If you do a Google images search for ‘visual qr codes’, you’ll be amazed at the huge diverse collection of unique QR codes – they are certainly more attention drawing than the standard black dots on a white background.

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Put the QR Code in a Place with Lots of Waiting People

Placement of your QR code is just as important as the design. You want your code to be somewhere suitable for people to take a moment to scan the code. So places like waiting lines, waiting rooms etc are ideal. You’ll often find that people waiting in a line will start playing on their smart phone, so they are much more likely to take a moment and scan a QR code on a nearby advertisement if they already have their phone out.

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Animate Static/Printed Objects by Using QR Codes

Another interesting way to get really creative with your QR codes is by having the QR code open a video on the users smartphone, that video will then animate the static/printed object displayed around the QR code! Someone had this done with a tattoo which you can see in the video below.

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In the video above they have used animated a tattoo, but you could do the same with an advertisement in a magazine or flyer, or on a poster ad or banner. The possibilities are endless.

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Hopefully these ideas for creative QR codes will let you make the most out of QR codes as we move into 2013. QR codes are definitely playing a bigger part in the way we interact with print and technology today, the bridge the gap between the two – allowing people, potential customers, to scan your QR code on a printed ad/business card etc and have more information delivered and stored digitally on their smartphone.

Author Bio: The author of this article has worked in design and marketing for over 10 years and recommends for all of your creative QR code productions.