15 Creative Ideas for Loft Conversion

It has become a forever increasing trend for homeowners to convert their unused loft space as opposed to moving home when they find that their existing house is getting a bit crowded for space.

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As an added bonus to creating more space, you will actually find that after converting your loft you will actually increase the value of your home. A recent survey actually proposed an increase in value of up to 12.5% after a loft conversion.

You can look at loft conversion galleries for inspiration, but here are some creative uses for your new found space that you to take a look at.

Creative Ideas for Loft Conversions

A Crafty Space

You can create an inspiring space for you to get creative. Make sure that you create lots of light in this space, so big windows are a must to let the light flood in.

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Make use of the awkward angles of the loft by getting custom shelves or storage units installed to house all your crafty bits and bobs.

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You will want to design the room with pastel colours that make the room appear lighter and hang up decorations and pictures where possible for inspiration.

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A Teenagers Den

Are your children taking over the whole house with all of their objects and friends? Assign them a cool and funky space to hang out in the home right at the top of the house – out of harms way as they say.

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You want to bare in mind safety, especially if you have young teenagers or children, for example using appropriate stairs and stair rails.

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Make sure there are lots of power outlets accessible to plug in laptops, a television and game consoles and fill the room with beanbags and slouchy furniture for your children to lounge around in.

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A Productive Home Office

As the loft is at the top of the house, it is peaceful and away from the manic activities of the average household. This makes your loft conversion perfect for a home office space for you to work from home and for your children to complete homework in.

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As before mentioned with the teenage den, you want to make sure there are plenty of accessible power outlets for computers, printers, scanners and other office equipment that you will need. Make sure the room is well lit, both with natural light and artificial light so ease production.