6 Step Décor Guide for An Urban Room

Thinking of renovating your run-down house or furnishing newly-made one? Worry should be far from you for we’re here to rescue you.

Ornamentation has always proved itself very tricky specifically when you are on a budget.  Several ideas present themselves, but they also love to leave a hole in your pocket. So what we suggest here are very simple economical suggestions that would be our 6 step DIY décor guide for an urban room.  Follow these simple steps, and by the time you reach the end of this article, you will be left with a fairly good idea of what your next shop stop should be?


The first object that one beholds while entering a room is a bed. Either single or double sized, king or queen sized it should be placed according to the size of the room. Secondly, if your room is smaller in size, you should perhaps go for a sofa bed, a futon or a trundle bed since these choices will definitely save you space, letting you utilize your room for other purposes during day time. A canopy bed with a soft foam mattress will be just the perfect touch to your room with wider windows.


A wiser thing while deciding on the shade of lacquer for your room will be to choose a lighter shade since lighter shades give your room spacious look. Also for different shades on four different walls will give it that funky look that you always aspire for.


When all is said and done tapestries work wonders in one’s room. They provide that texture to your room that comes cheap yet elegant while enhancing the appearance of your room at the same time. Hang them over your window; across the wall or make a canopy out of it hanging from the ceiling they will absolutely take your room to a whole new level.

Wall Art

A wall unescorted by any kind of artistry hung across it is such a gloomy sight. Bring some life and charm to your room and fill it with good vibes simply by hanging an over-sized framed picture of yourself or a canvas or a poster that can be easily purchased through various e-stores.


It not only keeps nature near you but also gives your room a whimsical feel. While succulent plants will be perfect for an adult, at the same time, they will be too treacherous for kids. We don’t want to bring our kids to any harm.  Right? Rather bring a kind of plant that refreshes the oxygen in your room and places it directly under your window sill where it can have sufficient sunlight and carbon dioxide.


Either you are planning on that meeting with your friends behind the secrecy of doors, group study or some group task, a room without seating arrangements leave you with only your bed to sit on which proves uncomfortable for long talks at times. What you need for such times is a comfy and cushiony seating like a bean bag where your guests can sit for long durations and enjoy their coffee too. You can keep poufs as your foot comforters too.

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