How to Design a Unique Website for Kids?

Have you ever designed a website for kids? The design principles of a kid’s website are very different from any business website. You need to think what children would love to see in a website and incorporate those elements to grab their attention. These days many child-centric companies (game, toddler education, animated TV series creators) are spending thousands of dollars to create websites for kids only. Here are some techniques that will help you design a fun and interactive website for the young audience.

Use Bright Colors

You may have used grey and light blue shades in business websites but while designing a children’s website, you have the full freedom to use all the bright colors. Kids love red, yellow, orange and other vibrant colors. Their senses are stimulated through colors and thus they immediately visually connect with the website.

Use Less Text & More Pictures

Any Las Vegas Web Design Co will tell you that website users don’t like to read long paragraphs in general and kids are much more impatient than adults. Therefore, you should use brief sentences and give to-the-point messages. Try to communicate with images as they love pictures.

Know the Age Group

This is one factor you must pay attention to before creating the layout. You have to know the exact age group of your target audience. You may call a 7 year old and also a 13 year old “kid”, but their choices and preferences vary quite a lot. A 7 year old may like a simple “color a picture” facility on the website, but a 13 year old will prefer a complex game that challenges his intellect. Unless you know the age group of the target audience, you can’t decide what type of games, activities, and animation you should include in the website design.

Use Animated Characters

You should create customized animated characters to share your promotional message through them. For instance, a gaming company can create a character that will ask the kids to buy the premium version of the game. Animated characters are loved by children and once they get familiar with your animated character, it will become synonymous with your brand. They will keep coming back to your website just to watch their favorite character move and speak.

Use Music & Sounds

You may have been advised to avoid music and audio effects while designing a website, but you can break this rule if you are designing a website for kids only. You can use a mouse hover effect and let the music play when the mouse pointer touches a button. Similarly, you can embed intro music for the homepage to make the viewers wait for what comes next.

Simple Navigation is a Must

You can’t expect a 6-7 years old kid to navigate a complex website menu. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to create a simple and intuitive navigation system. Use large colorful buttons and stay away from scrolling because toddlers don’t have the patience to scroll long web pages. They should get to see the important things at a glance.

Use Pre-loaders

As the website contains lots of images, animation, and games, it will take time to load. Hence, you should create an interesting pre-loader that will encourage the audience to stay on the website and wait until it loads.

Wrapping Up

It is a challenging task to design a website that will specifically serve a very young audience. You need to understand how the children think and what they like in order to create a layout that will give them joy and fulfill their needs.