Diamond Ring Designs to Help You Choose the Best Ring for You!

There are literally millions of different designs of rings. Be it a wedding, engagement, or simply a day to day ring, ring design is only limited by the imagination of individuals, and we all know how vast the human imagination is. Similarly, the materials at our disposal mean that even two rings of the same design may look nothing alike.

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Metal and Stones Used to Design Rings

The materials usually used for rings include the precious metals of gold, which comes in colors of yellow, rose, pink, and white, as well as platinum and palladium. Cheaper rings are manufactured with silver as the main metal. Gemstones used in rings range from the traditional colorless diamond to more colorful stones such as sapphires and rubies as well as numerous other cheaper stones such as onyx and garnets. Once again, the range, variation, and colors of stones on offer are almost infinite.

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Combine the different metals with the different types of stone and the different designs available, and the sky really is the limit.

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Colored and Colorless Diamond; What to Choose?

Just to add to the confusion, or should we say possibilities, for those who desire only the best, there are natural fancy color diamonds which offer an array of different colors to add to the plethora of choices already on offer. For every 10,000 carats of colorless diamonds discovered, only 1 carat of colored diamonds is discovered. Consequently, colored diamonds are much rarer than their colorless counterparts.

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Colored diamonds come in the following colors – red, blue, green, pink, yellow, purple, violet, gray, chameleon, orange, champagne, white, and black. Each color also comes in nine intensity levels and over 90 hues meaning that the color palette on offer is infinite – no two stones are the same.

Popular Colors for Diamond Engagement Rings

Fancy color diamond engagement rings have been the must have accessory for the rich and famous over the last few years. Yellow diamond engagement rings, also known as canary diamonds have graced the fingers of Heidi Klum, Kelly Clarkson, and Carrie Underwood. Yellow is possibly the second most popular color of diamond following pink.

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Different colors have different rarity levels with yellow not being as rare as pink, yet pink not being as rare as red, purple, or violet. There are people in the trade who have never even laid eyes on a red, purple, or violet diamond as they are so rare. Of course, this rarity is reflected in their price.

Selecting a diamond ring can be an overwhelming task given the choices on offer. A more traditional setting with a colored diamond can take much of the confusion out of the process while keeping the wow factor at a premium.

Written by Sharon from Leibish&co., visit us to see more special yellow diamond engagement rings and other colored diamonds!