Difference between Working and Knowing A Product Design

Technology is completely different from what is written in blogs and what we experience while we work with it. In blogs we probably read how to incorporate functionality, what are the plausible methods of doing something, pros, and cons of the method, but never had we read about what all challenges or bottlenecks we will face on our way. I started my career without any formal training, and this is the reason I was dependent on the tutorials. At that point in time, I realized that.

Dude! They speak of only good things and where is the hard part.

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Difference Between Working And Knowing A Product Design

The latest trend in web design is Product Design, and this is the reason I thought to write a blog in which I can explain how you need to make sure that you are prepared for starting with your product design.

What does a Product Designer do?

So as to comprehend the role of a Product Designer, you first need to look at the various forms of design that will help you to understand the job with precision.

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UX or Interaction Designers are supposed to figure out all the possible patterns of human behavior and come up with numerous way to solve a particular problem might give the users what they expect from an application. They need to create as well as iterate the possible solutions quickly. Visual or UI Designers work on the design canvas to give you beautiful design with pixels.

What does a Product Designer do_

Everyone counts on them to give their website beautiful outlook which are imbued with color and depth and along with that they try to maintain a good distance between what’s correct and what’s not. The graphic designers have can work on mobile devices such as tablets. Their job is to put in skeuomorphism into iOS and remove it subtly so that it do not appear to be too much.

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Another awesome deign thing incorporated in the web development is the animation designer. If you are sick with your old clinched web design, then you can incorporate animation to rejuvenate it and for that, you need skilled animation or motion designers who masters the art of designing.
Now who figures out what the users need? It is the user researchers that are the real champions of the user needs. They delve into what users are looking from an app by asking a difficult question that might be related to the cognitive impact on the users.

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Data analysts are the ones who work as a scientist of Product Design. Their job is to collect the colossal data, manage A/B tests, and projects that are running. They are the one who formulate the strategy for a perfect product on which the success of a business is contingent upon. Millions of users are there to test your app, and this is the reason you need to have a thorough analytics for your app.

Make Sure that Your Design is Properly Shipped

Designers might think that their job is just to get the designs which mean crafting layered PSDs or to find the best pixels to place the elements. Though it can be easy for the designers to design something surreal and calling it innovation and then playing the blame game. Which means they afterwards blame the developers that they haven’t implemented things properly. You need to think that every release is the final output to be judged by the users.
To get your intended design you need to make sure that you work in tandem with the developers while they are implementing your design. Which does not mean like communication over chatrooms, but sit beside them and work along with them.

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Communicate Well

Communication is one of the most crucial things when it comes to carrying a design process. To have a good product cycle, you need to have a clear understanding of your work and make sure that you can comprehend what your clients wishes to convey, and they can understand what you wish to say to them. Having a clear communication is the only way how you can achieve the desired goal.

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Communicate well

You can certainly afford to communicate more than what is required which might apparently consume little more of your time but this will help you to maintain the time deadline of the project. Wherein, under-communication will lead you to unnecessary alterations which will, in turn, lead to deadline delays and cost overruns.

What is the Final Goal?

When it comes to design people, misinterpret it with a part of aesthetics wherein it is the interface to solve a problem. This exterior does matters, but the experience is what which is of prime importance.

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What is the final goal_

I won’t deny the fact that graphical designing is not a job of web designing as no one would like pay heed to the functionality of a shabby design. All I mean to say is that you need to uncover more roles to know the right essence of designing which is certainly not just beauty.

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