Easy Summer Hairstyles to Give You a Fresh Look

Summer is associated with freedom, having some good time with friends and family, relax, time for a vacation, etc. However, fashion stylists also associate summer with a certain style, which includes easy, flirty,  sweet and girly hairstyles. Why? The answer is pretty simple. Everyone wants to enjoy the great weather outside and feel comfortable, and comfort does not include thinking of our hair most of the time.

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Every woman sometimes spends a lot of time in front of the mirror at home, making sure she looks perfect. And for the summer we are ready to show a new, more easy-going and still elegant style that matches summer’s free spirit. You don’t have to spend too much time on your hair now. I have a few easy and in the same time stylish suggestions for you depending on the length of your hair.

Up and Away

Try to do a bun on top of your head – this is a classic hairstyle that has different variations and looks pretty stylish. No matter if you are going on to work or on the beach, you will still look great. Make sure you have secured the bun very well with a bunch of bobby pins.

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summer hairstyle


If your hair is relatively long and you don’t want it to get in your way during the day, a sleek and classy ponytail is the best choice for you. In order to make it look more stylish, I suggest you to make it over your nape and add some volume in the upper part of the head.

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summer hairstyle

Wavy Splendour

You can use your curling iron to make a few glamorous waves in your hair, but if you don’t want to overdo with the heat, you can use some hair rollers. Just sleep in them for the night and next morning you will have fantastic curls. Just don’t forget to brush them a bit in order to give them more volume.

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Put some French chic on, make a Braid

Let’s face it – braids have it all. They are sleek, versatile, stylish and go in all shapes and sizes depending on the length of your hair, which makes them appropriate for different occasions. You can either make a larg    e braid gathering your hair at one place or make one only with part of your hair. Improvise!

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Rippled Ponytail

We already said ponytails are a great choice when it comes to a summer hairstyle. Here is another version of the classic ponytail, which makes it very appropriate when you want to make an impression and still need to do something easy. The only thing you need to do is gather your hair in to a couple of mini-ponytails and pull their sides to make the curly-shaped effect.

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Bowline Knots

You don’t think that is a good idea? Try and see for yourself. Make your own freestyle knot – gather your hair with your fingers the way you like it, twist and secure it with bobby pins. And if you don’t feel like making an experiments like this one, you can try to make a regular bun but locate it in the lower part of your neck.

summer hairstyle

Autor Bio: July Minor a blogger, passionate writer and a student. She is currently working as a cleaner at CleanToPerfection. She really enjoys fashion and to share her opinion about it.