eCommerce Designing Tips to Create a Sales Oriented Website

From business news, you can gather that the rate of sales conversion on online holiday shopping sites in recent years have been good. But despite this being true, it is found that a large number of eCommerce websites can manage to convert only about 1 to 4% of their leads. And those who get to convert more than 15% of their leads are very limited in number. Why is this gap? A combination of factors is responsible for this. Of them, most important is the site’s ability to facilitate users’ navigation experience and to give them an easy reach to their choice of products, making all other features fun and efficient.

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You can also make your online shopping site fully equipped for higher conversion rates. For this, you have to keep three basic elements in mind while you design your website. These are as mentioned below:

  • Users get easy access to their choice of products
  • Products are properly showcased
  • Smooth checkout process is incorporated

Getting to the Product

The main challenge for any website, small or large, is to provide its users an easy access to the category of products they are interested in. It will not be an exaggeration to say that majority websites fail miserably because they overlook this basic element.

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Understanding your users’ requirement is the key. Hence to deal with this, you need to include a unified user interface in your web design which can help them find their choice of products quickly. While working on this front, you also have to know that there can be different types of users visiting your site – 1) who are focused shoppers 2) who need guidance and, 3) who like to browse casually.

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Focused shoppers prefer quick shopping experiences and for them, you have to include a powerful search bar in your web design so that they can get what they want fast by keying in their requirement. Make sure that the search bar features on the top-right side of your website and is clearly visible. There should be consistency in its placement and design as well.

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Shoppers who need guidance are usually not very comfortable with shopping online and can get easily nervous. They need a secure and confidential gateway. In order to win their confidence, you have to incorporate effective customer service statements in your website. Along with this, you can also design special refund and return policies to encourage them to shop at your website.

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Lastly, casual shoppers are generally adventurous and impulsive buyers. For them, you need to showcase interesting visual cues, photographs, featured items, surprise offers and attractive deals. This will not prove heavy on your pockets. All you have to do is put up an appealing storefront with some creative twists to lure them in.

Categorizing Products

After a user has selected her product, your main aim is to lead her to add the chosen item to her shopping cart and to commit purchase. In order to keep her interest intact during this process, you need to organize your product detail page. This can be done in multiple ways with the help of the following components: Add to Cart, Deals, Related Products, Price, Reviews, Photos, etc.

The call-to-action button “Add to Cart” can turn your potential user into a committed buyer and hence, you have to optimize it well. Make your Add to Cart button bold so that it stands out from rest of the design. Also, when the user clicks on this button, you have to indicate it clearly that his or her item has been added to the cart. Along with this, you also have to make sure that the user is not taken to the shopping cart away from the product page. It may affect cross-selling.

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Not all shoppers are savvy and hence, you can suggest these customers related products or feature items to explore. The feature items can be customized based on the browsing history of the users. Further, you can incorporate special deals and promotions in your eCommerce website to lure your customer to shop. For instance, offering free shipping is a good idea. However, to implement it without affecting your profit, you can make the minimum purchase amount on which this option becomes valid all by itself.

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Other important ingredients are price and reviews. Make product prices clearly visible to your customers. If there is discount, show it. As far as reviews are concerned, this option adds credibility to your site. Since it can include both negative and positive feedback, you can manage to earn some loyal customers in the long run.

Checking Out

Shopping is exciting, but spending money is not. Hence to get your customers to seal the deal, you have to ensure that your payment gateway is easy and smooth. For this, you need to keep certain things in mind. To begin with, keep your checkout page simple and short. Offer live customer support through chats to resolve any technical problem faced by your customers on the spot. Ask for the email address of your customer in the first step of the checkout process so that it becomes easy to recover the lost sale as the need may be.

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Further, keep registration as an optional choice and implement cookies to keep track of shopping history of your customers. Prompting your customers to register with your site before they make payment can be detrimental to your selling opportunity. So do keep this thing in mind. As far as cookies are concerned, these will enable your users to pick up the list from where they had left.

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To ensure success for any eCommerce website, you have to depend on your designing skills as well as marketing knowledge. If you can manage to implement the eCommerce Designing Tips discussed above, you are sure to see improved conversion rate on your site.

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