How to Enhance User Engagement with Specific Web Design Trends?

Web design is a type of modern art which combines visual experience with the valuable information. Each year brought specific trends in web design, but 2016 mainly focus on providing a great user experience on numerous screen sizes, from small 4″ screen to large 25″ monitors. Let us move through the list of latest web design trends you should follow to enhance user engagement:

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Use of Parallax Effect

Parallax Scrolling is a pretty simple method for making a great user experience. Visitors love to scrolls down, where background moves slower than the foreground which produces a 3D effect.

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In 2015 the parallax effect is going popular and still in demand. Scrolling or mouse movements interact with many properties on the web page creating animations. You can use this effect for displaying sub-menus or to tell a story by scrolling down, here designer’s imagination matters a lot.

Video Header Backgrounds

Use of bold and large images in the background and in the slider is no longer considered as a great design approach. Videos and moving images backgrounds are slowly coming into existence and they are very successful in keeping the users engaged for a longer time. Short videos that represent relative story is more interactive.

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Flat Design Is the New King

Flat design is useful and beautiful, it offers great UX on any screen and perfects for tapping on a small screen. Forget about the shining light effects, fake 3D menu buttons, and icons, these are the things of past.

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If you want 3D elements on the page, build them with proper software for 3D design and use them sparsely and intelligently.

Long Content with Appealing Typography

Engaging a user is possible with remarkable written lengthy content. Visitors want the information which explains in detail. So, to create magnificent material information should be based on business and according to the client requirement. Also, try to maintain quality of content not only amount.

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Scrolling, not clicking

It is much demanding to scroll when browsing a website on mobile rather than click. In 2016 we are prone to see more websites choosing to scroll over and utilizing single big pages against spreading the crucial data among many pages associated with connections.

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Think Outside the Box

Previously in most of the web designs, each photo and each block of text were closely confined in a box on web pages. These physical boxes are now gone from web design. It’s time to burst the rectangle and use the available screen in the most creative way.

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Now, text boxes are substituted by speech bubbles and a page is divided into different formats and shapes. This is creative design approach, think out of the box and become a true artist.

Responsive and SEO friendly Web Design

This is the most popular trend in the recent years. Web owners prefer responsive, neat and SEO friendly design for their website because search engines like Google give better ranking to responsive websites on small screen devices. A responsive site is a cost-effective method which provides excellent user experience and is easy to manage.

Obviously, these web design trends help to increase user engagement and gain more popularity with latest functionalities of the web design and will definitely help you stand out in the web market in 2016.

Rav Smith is an experienced full-stack web developer working for Raxix Technologies (UI/UX Design Company). He loves to work on web page design and explore latest trends in the web development market.