4 Great Lead Generation Tips SEO Experts Suggest

The internet landscape is volatile and as a market, it is important to observe the trends in order to change your strategy accordingly. Initially, marketers and advertisers had the say and internet users were forced to consume what was served. However, Google algorithm updates are changing this. With so much online variety, consumers can now choose the kind of experience they want to enjoy.

For this reason, your SEO expert must also vary the strategy they have been using towards improving user experience. Traditionally, SEO was all about higher ranking and inevitably many experts resorted to back hat techniques. To discourage this, Google has updated its algorithm and the penalties are harsher than before.

If you are struggling to convert on your website, it is highly likely your SEO strategy is still focused solely on search engine result pages (SERPs). It is now time to learn how you can easily generate more leads to improve user experience and earn better ranking on SERPs. The trick in this lies not only on aiming at capturing your audience’s attention, but also keeping them longer on your website. This increases the chance of conversion, which in turn increases your revenues.

Here are a few smart lead generation techniques, which you can try as part of your SEO strategy:

Place Your Call-to-Action Correctly

It is true that a call to action (CTA) is an invaluable part of lead generation, yet many sites are not converting even after placing their primary CTA above the fold. The problem with marketers is lack of trying out new ideas in the belief that what has been tested and proven will always work. Well, you need to ask yourself whether there is another place where the CTA might work more effectively. For instance, which is the natural eye-path for someone who has just landed on your site? That is where your CTA should be placed. Research shows that readers first read what is on the upper left hand corner.

Use Relevant Content for a New SEO Campaign

It is important to use your content to generate leads without going overboard. Most marketers use new campaigns to attract users but they mostly focus on selling. If you want to retain your readers’ attention, give them content about what else you offer and how your services can add value to their life. Your target audience requires additional blog posts and articles, which should be stressed over the weeks and months after launching your campaign.

Leverage Social Media but Strategically

While most marketers use social media for lead generation, you should focus on lead generation. You can leverage your social media presence to generate more leads by including links to your blogs and offers. Once you have built a strong social media following, your audience will want to learn more about your products and services and this is where your links come in handy on your social media posts.

Leverage Pop-ups the Right Way

Not many internet users love pop-ups, but this is only because marketers are over using them. You can easily leverage pop-ups and slide-in forms without disrupting readers. Avoid pop-ups that are not relevant to what the reader is currently doing on your site. While they might be helpful in promoting your campaign, you also need to appreciate they can be disruptive when not applied in the right manner. If you are going to use pop-ups and slide-forms, make sure they are meant to assist the reader and offer value to their experience. Remember Google is more focused on user experience in SERPs ranking, hence avoid increasing your site’s bounce rate as this raises a red flag about the value of your content.

Well, there are many more lead generation ideas out there but these four are simple and straightforward. The idea is to keep testing the strategies you are currently using with available tools. Some ideas might be applicable today but remember your site is unique and what works for one site might not work for you. Through close monitoring of your pages, you will identify what works for you and what doesn’t. Always be bold to try new ideas because the internet is a fast paced environment where new ideas are being generated every day.