Five Killer Web Apps for Designers

Web Apps are great things that help web designers do their job easily and effectively. So much so, there are hundreds of thousands of apps being developed and released every month, though you will find out that only a few of them can be of use. Here are a few apps that you should find handy to use as tools that will help you design and develop better.


This app has proved itself to be one of the best tools that can help you set up your business. You can use Rapportive to plug in to Gmail or Firefox and you will notice a sidebar is added on the right hand side. It makes it very easy for busy people as whenever you start typing anything like an email address the sidebar auto populates and gives you complete details about the recipient of the email or the owner of the email address. You will be able to learn if the person is on any social network site like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, and if so, you can view the latest tweets or postings.

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rapportive is a great app that assists ably in publishing. It lets you connect the RSS feeds of the blog to the service and to other accounts on various social media sites. This way whenever you publish, the content automatically gets distributed to all the accounts you have on the several social media sites, helping you save a lot of time. Though this feature existed earlier, makes it easier as it is user friendly and easy to manage.

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This is a project management tool that comes to you from the collaboration between and Manymoon, which are widely used in web designing and by internet marketers. It is very user friendly and one can learn the nuances of using it pretty quickly. For more info, click here.

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do app


Crowdbooster is one of the smartest social media tools available today. It lets you monitor your marketing efforts on various social media sites and tells you if the efforts are effective enough. However, currently Crowdbooster is limited to Twitter and Facebook and the data that you can draw from Twitter is slightly more effective than the one that comes from Facebook, though the information you get from Facebook Page Insights should be comprehensive enough. You get valuable tips about when exactly to tweet based on more number of people logged in at a particular time.

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Google Apps

This tool is great for small business owners and startup companies. You have a free version that you can try out first before graduating to the paid version once the revenue starts getting generated. Even the paid version does not cost too much (just $50 per annum) and gives you access to several cloud based tools that are worth much more than the money you pay. Google Apps lets you use Gmail for all your official company related emailing. Alternatively, you could also use Thunderbird or Outlook Express or whatever you choose to use. You get excellent protection from spam and almost unlimited storage space.

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