How to Flower Power Your Home Décor?

Do you remember grandma’s old floral couch? Flowers used to be a sign of a dated design; they were busy patters in reds and yellows that really felt like browns. But floral decorations have made a huge comeback in modern designs. Designers are favoring naturally-colored woods with rougher, more realistic textures. They’re even using coral liberally and bringing in live plants to capture that spark of nature. Add that to the popularity of grey tones and now big, bold floral designs can make a huge statement in your home. Now that flowers are back, here’s a few of the most effective ways to bring flower power your home’s decor.

Throw Pillows

A quick and easy way to introduce some flowery décor is with throw pillows. They’re not an expensive investment and they’re extremely versatile. You can even move them from room to room on occasion to switch things up in your home. The key here is to choose big designs that aren’t too busy; modern floral patterns should have bold colors and complement a variety of neutral tones.

If you choose correctly, the floral print on the throw pillow doesn’t necessarily have to match to have a pleasant aesthetic effect. There’s value in asymmetrical design as long as your print ties in with some of the accessories in the room. Throw pillows are a great avenue to get adventurous with your design.

Live Flower Arrangements

The floral appeal that you add to your home doesn’t just have to be the kind that is printed on fabric. You can easily liven up the dining room or family room by using a table centerpiece with a live flower arrangement. A great way to utilize this is by using unique vases. A wide, modernly-styled vase is great for a group of flowers and a sleek silver vase works wonderfully for a single flower.

Experiment with where you put these accents as well. You can use flowers as a dining centerpiece or even as a bookshelf or side table accent. Flowers give you the chance to get creative.

Rugs with Floral Design

Rugs with busy flower designs were popular once, but that’s not the only floral design you’ll find anymore. Modern floral rugs are naturally asymmetrical and can provide a dynamic way to open up a space.

These types of rugs can either blend in with your furniture to create a base color pallet for a room or they can stand alone as statement pieces. Try to find patterns that will either make a room feel larger or add a pop of color.

Modern Wallpaper Designs

Wallpaper went out of style for a while but they still can add so much energy to a room. Again, you want larger patterns that don’t feel too busy. The color pallet here is key – a toned down and low-contrasting color scheme will give your room a sophisticated feeling. A bold color and print design, however, will make a room feel lively and playful.

Wall Art

One of the best ways that to round out a room’s design is with smart use of wall art. Oversized art is extremely popular right now – a perfect fit for the modern styling of big, flowery designs. For neutrally colored walls, a piece of wall art with bold colors offers a striking contrast.

Again, the style here can vary wildly. A bright, springtime bouquet will feel completely different than a towering art piece that features woodsy arrangements. No matter which route you choose, flowers can give your home a piece of the outdoors and make even those winter nights feel sunny and warm.

Selene Strong is a contributing writer and media specialist for Bradley Mowers. She regularly produces content for a variety of landscaping and home decorating blogs.