Fresh, Creative and Effective Design Choices for Brand Identity

Coming up with a good design is an essential part of any branding strategy, and it needs to incorporate important elements in order to be successful.  The design must be relevant, appealing, memorable and appropriate.  It needs to convey a message and help people to relate the art to the product or company. Logos involve planning, research and awareness of competition and customers in order to be unique and effective. Follow these tips in order to improve the chances of hitting a home run right off the bat with these design choices for brand identity.

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design choices for brand identity

Research the Industry

Take a look at the logos, artwork and promotional material that other companies in your niche are using.  This will help you to see what is already out there, learn how to relate a product to a image or drawing and perhaps drum up some creative juices as well.  You don’t want to imitate what’s already been done, but trying to sense the association between a product and design will help you to find your own special look.

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You will also be able to critique other designs as well.  What do or don’t you like about a particular logo? What would you do differently? How can improvements be made?  Sizing up other designs can be an easy and productive way for you develop your own.

Think of Your Audience and Product

Consider the demographics of your niche market.  How can you tailor a design to appeal to them? A good design strategy involves relating a brand to potential customers. This helps to make better product associations in addition to creating an image that is the best fit for the nature of your company.  A logo needs to relate to the product or service as well.

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Designs and logos are usually subtle and concise, but they also speak volumes and leave impressions. It is important that yours speaks to your business.  But, it also must appeal to your intended audience.  Don’t focus on how you feel about the logo, rather focus on how other people will perceive your company if that particular design is being used.

Test Drive Different Options

Work up a few different samples and show them around.  Ask for feedback from people who would most likely use your product or service.  You will find out that only a couple of options will get the most favorable responses, and this will allow you to eliminate ones that don’t.  Make some tweaks and adjustments and ask again. This process is far from definitive, but it will help you and the designer to hone in on a look that may be more appealing to your niche.

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Don’t read too much into some of the comments that people will make either.  You are looking for general impressions and reactions.  Everyone under the sun will have ideas about how to fix this or change that. The purpose of this exercise is to narrow options and fine-tune the finished product.

Consider these and other factors when choosing the best design for your company. Remember that this is a process that should not be rushed, and it will take some trial and error before you find the best option for your business.

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