Fused Glass – Blending Functionality and Artistic Beauty

Considered by many to be a relatively new art form, the technique of fusing pieces of glass has been in practice for more than 4,000 years. Recently rediscovered by a number of artists, fused glass is quickly gaining popularity among artists as a beautiful, unique and satisfying art form. Fused glass art is also becoming fashionable to a number of consumers not only for its splendor, but for its wide variety of applications as well. Below are a few examples of the many ways fused glass art is being used.

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From simple coasters to bowls, plates, platters and more, many are finding that fused glass art is one way to add color and excitement to their tables. Fused glass coasters can be made to coordinate with a complete tableware set or alone to accent a table. Fused glass is also a great medium for service pieces such as bowls, plates and platters due to its surprising strength and durability. In addition, fused glass tableware can be customized to match colors and textures within a room, or to fit a particular need unlike mass produced commercial tableware.

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Fused glass is the perfect medium for creating vibrant and unique lighting fixtures. Traditionally, artistic chandeliers were limited to dining rooms. However, today’s interior designers looking to revitalize a space are using fused glass chandeliers, floor lamps, wall sconces and pendant lights to add color and beauty all throughout a home. These pieces of functional art can transform a space, spreading colorful light throughout a room.

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Home Decor

Interior designers looking to add a “wow” factor to a space are increasingly including fused glass art pieces in their designs. Designers are able to use fused glass art in a multitude of ways including wall art, sculptures and room dividers. Due to the various shapes and structures, fused glass art can be formed into fused glass wall art, which not only adds color to a space but also texture and dimension as well for pieces designed to stand out from the wall. Custom furniture makers are also incorporating fused glass into their furniture pieces. Tables, chairs and benches with inset fused glass elements can complement and highlight almost any design styles and in many cases are surprisingly affordable.

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In kitchens and bathrooms, fused glass art hardware can add subtle character to drawers and cabinets. Some designers are even incorporating fused glass backsplashes and countertops into kitchen remodels not only because of their distinctiveness but also because they are durable, hygienic and easy to clean.

Outside Spaces

Fused glass art is not just limited to indoor spaces. Outside spaces are also benefiting from the versatility of fused glass art. Many are using fused glass to create gorgeous outdoor privacy screens, garden sculptures, even bird baths. Some artists have incorporated fused glass elements into outdoor water features and fountains for its color, but also for its vibrance when combined with water and light. Outdoor decorating elements, sprinklers and wind chimes have also become popular items on which to apply fused glass art.

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Featured in some of the finest contemporary American glass galleries, such as the Pismo Galleries, the Philabaum Gallery and the Denver Art Museum gallery, Helen Rudy’s fused glass art is truly exquisite work .The Denver based fused glass artist prides herself on creating fused glass pieces that are not only beautiful but functional as well. Along with a full line of fused glass tableware, she also offers a wide variety of fused glass lighting, tables, wall art and more. She is also able to create custom pieces to meet almost any need. For more information on Helen Rudy Fused Glass Art, please visit www.helenrudyglass.com or her Facebook page.