How to Have a Great Sense of Style in 2014?

While many people argue that looks and style do not matter and that it is the beauty of heart that defines a person, one cannot deny the fact that a person who has a good sense of style is always the one who wins more friends and is more popular as compared to someone who lacks style. A lot many individuals try hard to attain a good sense of style to impress others however only a few manage to don that perfect look. Here are a few tips that may help you develop a great sense of style.

Check Out the Latest Trends

Imagine wearing a bell bottom jeans when skinny fits are in vogue or adorning an anarkali suit when short salwar suits are in fashion! Well, no matter how beautiful your outfit is, you would still look awkward. Thus, it is always better to check out the latest trend before you go out shopping. The easiest way to do so is by logging on to a fashion site or going through a good fashion magazine. Stay updated with the latest trends and shop accordingly.

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However, it is to be understood that you shouldn’t go for something that doesn’t suit you. There may be certain kinds of outfits that don’t look good on you. Such outfits must be avoided even if they are in fashion. Also don’t compromise on comfort because of style as you can never look good in something that you cannot carry well.

Re-Arrange Your Wardrobe

Make it a practice to sort through your wardrobe and re-arrange it from time to time. You may be having a good collection of clothes but if they no longer fit you they are of no use. Do not try to fit into your old pair of jeans or t-shirt if you have outgrown it because even if you manage to do so it would neither look good on you nor would you feel comfortable wearing it. Secondly, discard the clothes that are no longer in fashion to make way for the new ones. Also do away with damaged/ ripped clothes, if any. You can check out celebrity clothing lines to have a star studded wardrobe as well.

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Colors Play an Important Part

Certain colors may look good on your friends/ colleagues but appear equally terrible on you. It is important to figure out as to which all colors look good on you and shop accordingly. There is no harm in having different attires of the same color in your wardrobe but adorning an outfit of a color that doesn’t suit you is a big no. It is also a good idea to choose colors that reflect your personality. But then again, go for them only if they suit you. Check out tasteful special occasion dresses to get an idea.

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Getting the Right Hair Style

Your hair style can make or mar your overall appearance. Thus, it is important to done the right hair style. Seek professional help to understand as to what kind of hair cut would suit you. However, don’t stick to a particular cut or style for a long time. Keep changing your style from time to time. You may get a hair color done once in a while. Girls may even go for straightening, rebonding, perming or other such styles. You can check out popular hairstyles here.

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Make Up and Accessories

Make up must be done as per the occasion. You must go for the shades that match up well with your skin tone as well as your attire. Using good products is very essential to avoid any kind of allergy. Also remember not to over do it.

Teaming up your outfit with matching accessories helps complete the overall look. Pick a hair band, clip, ear rings or neck piece that reflects your style and goes well with your dress.

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Don’t Follow a Particular Brand

You may prefer a particular brand but it is not advisable to follow it religiously. It is important to have your individual style and not get defined by a specific label. Also understand that you don’t have to wear big brands to look stylish, even a dress picked from a flee market may look good if you carry it with the right attitude.

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