Personalized Greeting Cards Design Ideas

Is this a month of occasions at your home, surprise your loved ones with your creativity. Do you want to learn how to make trendy greeting cards for your family and friends. First off, never go plain when it comes to showing off your abilities in design as the receiver of your card may not pay much heed to your efforts if it does not look very attractive and trendy. Why not experiment with the personalized cards by choosing some loved things of your loved ones? Here goes the list of Greeting Cards Design Ideas so you can play with your creativity in a way you want.

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Personalize a Card

Say, if your 11 year old son loves his sneakers, you can make a card that looks like his sneakers. Oh! he will definitely love it, but you may be in trouble as your creativity may fetch you many contracts in future.

Play with Shapes

When it comes to presenting a greeting card, you cannot afford to be monotonous and this can be done by quitting regular shapes and adopting interesting shapes such as bell, oval or heart shapes that can help your card look different. A house and barbie shapes can bring a big smile on little daughter’s face.

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Use Fabrics

Try different fabrics for making greeting cards or for accessorizing them. Use jute, denim, silk, satin and anything that can bring your creativity on the floor.You can experiment a lot with these – prepare bows, dress barbie cut out with denim and much more.

Tips to Create Handmade Cards

Accessorize a Card

Pearls, buttons, shimmer and many more add grace to a greeting card. Most of these materials are found in the house lying in a corner. Make use of them and design a attractive card for your friends.

Paper Craft

If you are good at the art, don’t hold yourself back. Cards made by cutting paper in different shapes fetches extra attention and admiration. If you know the likes-dislikes of the receiver, use it to your benefit. Cut paper according to his liking. Some examples are paper tree for Christmas, heels for your girlfriend, a book for your dad and so on.

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Go Retro

If you want to have a card for your prom, parents’ anniversary, first date, cocktail parties or formal theme based parties, feel free to present a card with a retro effect. Use old pictures or use new photographs in an old edited version to give it a retro look. Old is gold, it will never let you down.

Go Gothic

If your friend has a kinky personality, you must have something out-of-the-box effect on your card that can blow his mind. You need to understand his odd liking’s and create a card that astounds him. For instance, you can choose 70’s psychedelic personality and paint it on with fancy colors. Probably, it will help you surprise your friend.

Theme Based Cards

You can follow a theme while making a card for your little daughter. Surprise her by following a princess theme. Cut a beautiful tiara out of the card which she can wear on her head. If it is your little devils birthday party, he would love to have a superhero themed card which he could flaunt in front of other kids and enjoy the attention.

3D Cards

Latest in trends these days is 3-dimensional cards, also known as pop up cards. It will require a little more effort on your part to come up with a beautiful 3-D card as a lot of cutting and pasting has to be done to make it. But 3-D cards attracts the maximum attention and it is worth the effort to put a smile on your love ones.

Waste Materials Do Wonders

Sometimes, the things you consider waste can lend a wonderful creative edge to your card. Measuring tape, a shoe lace or even leftover knitting yarn can be utilized for making beautiful shapes on cards.

There can be hundred more ideas which you can stream from the above mentioned ideas to create your own personalized cards which might please your loved ones to the extent that your cards become unforgettable. So try these ideas for making any kind of cards like Christmas cards, Photo holiday cards and birthday party invitations etc. Go for it now and enjoy all the praise you deserve.

Alison Brown has been in love with paper craft ever since he knows. His inclination has given birth to marvelous designs, also exhibited on . The keen interest has further led to sharing of ideas through writing for the blog.