4 Home Gadgets that are Equal Parts Minimal & Functional

When it comes to your home decor, less is more. You detest clutter and excessive ornamentation in favor of clean lines in order to create a space that is sleek and refined, exuding calm and control.

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But there are a few essential items that you just cannot do without. Here are several minimalist alternatives to common household gadgets that every modern design enthusiast can appreciate having in his or her home:

Speakers, Redefined

Skip the bulky sub-woofers and the surround sound eyesores in favor of a sleek new alternative that blends right in with the design of your television. With the Playbase by Sonos, you get full-theater sound for your TV as well as music streaming capabilities, all from a slim, compact speaker that doubles as a base for your television to rest upon. The minimalist, low-profile design of the Playbase is sturdy too; it can support as much as 77 pounds. For the most fluid experience, music streaming is done over Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth, so you don’t have to worry about your music being interrupted anytime your phone rings.

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More Than a Typical Smoke Alarm

Nest is known for single-handedly redefining thermostats as we know them, but the company is more than a one-trick pony. Nest Protect is one of their latest offerings, giving users reliable protection by detecting smoke or carbon monoxide. With a refined design that puts all other smoke alarms to shame, Nest Protect also outperforms other products in functionality. It connects to your smartphone to alert you when something is wrong. Set the smoke alarm off when you burned the popcorn? You can silence the alarm right from your phone without having to jump up and reach the dismiss button. Perhaps best of all, Nest Protect routinely tests itself, so you’ll always know that it is in top working order and when it isn’t, you’ll be alerted right away.

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Keep an Eye on Your Home, Anytime

You’ve put a lot of time, money and work into creating a home that you love, so it’s worth it to put plenty of time into protecting your home too. Instead of the typical eyesore of a security system, opt for one that is inconspicuous, like a multi-camera home security system by Lorex. The indoor/outdoor cameras are durable enough to withstand the elements, while also sleek enough to use in your living spaces. The cameras themselves offer top-of-the-line technology — some with HD and color night vision capabilities. Simply tuck the recording unit out of sight and let the cameras roll to keep an eye on your house, anytime, anywhere.

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Not Your Ordinary Smart Thermostat

While Nest brought smart thermostats to the mainstream a few years ago, Ecobee has given the product a serious run for its money with the smart thermostat offerings. Featuring a slightly larger design than Nest’s thermostat, the company’s latest product, the Ecobee4, also comes with a room sensor that is used to detect hot or cold spots within a room and remedy the temperature discrepancy. In addition to being programmable and learning your ideal temperatures, Ecobee4 is also programmed to be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, so you can use it to do any Alexa task using voice commands.