How to Create a Minimalistic Kitchen? Simple Tips

Minimalism as a broad concept means stripped down and without accessories. In construction or interior design, there are no fancy curtains or pictures, just beautiful designs boasting simplicity, modernity and in some cases austerity. There is no clutter, just a feeling of wide open space and a sense of unrestricted movement.

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Create a Minimalistic Kitchen

In order to assist you to create a minimalistic kitchen, for a peaceful mind and tranquil home, follow the tips below to help get started:

Begin with the Walls and Cabinets

Some surface features and accessories are easier to alter than others. Walls and cabinets are made for this sort of thing. Therefore replacing complicated designs, such as flowery wallpaper or complicated paint schemes across the room is easy.

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White and metallic grey are favourite colours for minimalist decorators. However, for a great sense of direction and inspiration, try doing some research online to find the colours that really complement each other and discover fantastic colour schemes for your kitchen.

Get Rid of Curtains and Blinds

Whilst curtains and standard plastic blinds have a domestic charm, minimalism throws out the homey in favour of postmodern self denial. It is possible to keep out light with a polarized panel that also provides privacy and requires no maintenance or adjustments throughout the day. It lets in the right amount of light all the time.

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Another option is to remove any curtains or blinds all together for an open and bright sense of space in the room. This however works best if your kitchen window is in a secluded spot.

Appliances can be Hidden Away

There is a wide range of fantastic space saving devices to assist with the minimalistic appearance in your kitchen. You can purchase built in dishwashers and fridge freezers that are hidden behind a cabinet door, or built in microwaves that don’t take up any of your work surface space.

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Tidy up Please

There is more to minimalism than keeping counters free of clutter, but that is a part of the idea. Additional shelves can help keep a cook organized and powered appliances out of sight. As a general rule, anything that is not routinely used should be out of sight.

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Laura writes for RDO kitchen appliances who supply built in kitchen appliances including built in microwaves, washing machines and even built in coffee machines to help you with designing your minimalistic kitchen.