How to Create eCommerce Website with WIX Stores?

Few website builders offer great eCommerce website builders and templates for free, but there are some very interesting paid options such offers unique capabilities, and gives you the opportunity to create a website free of charge. Creating your online store with WixStores gives you complete freedom and creative control.

WixStores in Detail is one of the most popular website building services on the web, and while its free features are very intriguing, we won’t be exaggerating if we say that it offers some of the best subscription plans on the web. With’s website building services you can get unmatched value for money, and access to features that are guaranteed to match the requirements and expectations of the pickiest clients. But today we are going to focus on a specific offer that you can find on Wix’s website – the WixStores eCommerce website builder.

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Creating an eCommerce website used to be a very difficult, time-consuming and expensive task, but services like WixStores are making it a lot easier for users to have their very own online shop. The service provided by WixStores is one of a kind and we are confident that even the pickiest online merchants will be fully satisfied by the features, support and price offered by this service.

WixStores Advantages

Wix’s developers have taken all necessary measures to make sure that all of their clients’ requirements will be met. As the administrator and owner of your fully functional online store, you’ll have access to a wide range of intriguing features such as:

  • Flexible and configurable payment options
  • Adding and organizing products & categories
  • Creating and using coupons
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Configurable shipping and tax rates
  • Access to a great inventory management panel
  • Order tracking

This is just a small portion of the features and services provided by WixStores. We assure you that there isn’t another online eCommerce platform that can meet the value for money offered by Wix’s services. Some of the greatest advantages of this eCommerce platform include:

  • A fully optimized mobile device version of your store
  • Flexible and functional product galleries
  • Unique product pages and descriptions
  • Access to a rich collection of professionally-crafted website templates
  • Coupon creation interface
  • Product videos

WixStores will provide you with assistance when it comes to managing your stores as well. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase a unique domain name through their services, and you’ll also gain unlimited access to tools that can help you with newsletter distribution, search engine optimization and other important aspects of your marketing campaigns. Last, but not least, websites based on WixStores are very flexible! You’ll be able to customize your website by implementing one of the many widgets developed by Wix’s specialists.

Fast & Secure eCommerce Solution

So far we’ve been discussing the more general stuff related to WixStores’ services, but now it is time to take a closer look at the platforms back-end – the section responsible for the website’s security, performance and functionality. Needless to say, Wix is one of the most advanced website builders on the web, so their team consists of experienced and certified developers and designers who’ve done a great job creating & improving the WixStores service.

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All eCommerce websites created via their platform implement a ton of security features which ensure that neither you nor your clients will ever become victim of a fraud. The fact that Wix’s websites are hosted on their own servers means that they are more secure than most other options, because they have done a great ensuring secure, safe and fast web hosting solutions for their customers. As for performance, you’ll be absolutely amazed by the short loading times of all eCommerce websites created via WixStores. Oh, and did we mention that the unmatched performance is also accompanied by a 99,9% up-time that guarantees the comfort of your clients.

Creating Your Wix-based eCommerce Website

Now that we’ve told you the most important things you need to know about the services offered by WixStores, it is time to take a closer look at the easy website creation process. Thanks to WixStores’ unique user interface and simple administration area, you can have a fully functional online store up & running in less than 30 minutes.

The first thing we need you’ll need to do before creating your store is registering for a and signing in with it. In order to do so just visit and click on the purple ‘Sign In’ button situated in the top right corner of the screen. The registration process is quick and straight-forward – just enter your email address and password, and then confirm them.

Once you’ve registered and logged in with your account, you should see the following panel that asks you to select a category for your eCommerce website. Pick one or more categories and press the large ‘Go’ button on the right.

Now it is time to make one of the most important stages of the website creation process – picking your template! has a collection of thousands of professionally-designed and optimized website templates that are guaranteed to meet the requirements and expectations of even the most experienced webmasters.

We advise you to spend more time browsing the free website templates, because it is very important that you choose one that matches your taste and requirements. Once you’ve made your choice you can click on the blue ‘Edit’ button next to the template’s preview, and this will take you to Wix’s unique HTML5-based web editor that allows you to make all kinds of customizations to your website.

For this guide we’ve chosen a premium eCommerce template that is meant for users who plan to sell organic & natural beauty products. Of course, thanks to the flexible theme options and your access to Wix’s administration panel, you can quickly modify every aspect of your website in order to fine tune every small detail.

The administrator interface looks very clean, so you won’t be overwhelmed with buttons, links and options that are most likely to confuse most users. Instead, Wix’s designers & developers have done a great job coming up with a sleek looking administration area that will certainly be appreciated by both advanced and inexperienced users.

If you are done customizing your website, then it is time to continue with the next step – launching it! In order to do this, you need to click on the ‘Upgrade’ button situated in the top right corner of the screen.


Before you are able to proceed, you’ll be asked to save the changes you’ve made to your website. Type in a custom name and click on the ‘Save Now’ button in order to save the template you have just modified.

Once this is done, you’ll reach the final stage of this tutorial – selecting your subscription plan. There are several hosting plans to choose from, so study them in detail and make a choice that will fit your budget and needs. In our case, the only hosting plan that suits us is ‘eCommerce’ because the premium template we chose is only available if you opt for this subscription.

You’ll be taken to the payment page where you’ll need to select your preferred payment method, as well as enter the information required to process the payment. Fill in the details carefully and finally click on the ‘Submit Purchase’ button to close the deal.

If everything went as planned, then you should see a confirmation of the payment. Now you can go back to the Wix website editor and click on the ‘Publish’ button situated next to the ‘Upgrade’ button we used earlier.

Final Words

Creating an online store has never been easier, right? A couple of years ago most of us couldn’t imagine taking their business online in less than an hour, and without spending thousands of money on professional services and advice! Thanks to’seCommerce solutions, small and medium business owners can reach a whole new audience by offering their services and products online.

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No other website builder can match WixStores’ value for money, so we doubt that you’ll find better deals than the ones they offer. If you have been planning to take your business to the web, then maybe this is the solution you’ve been looking for – an affordable, flexible, and functional online store that will make both you and your customers happy.