How To Create The Perfect Ambience?

Whatever the occasion, ambience is vital and can make or break an event. So much thought and effort goes into an event and making it just as you, the organizer intended. With ambience as a crucial part of this preparation and planning, avoid treating it as a last minute set of thoughts and conversations culminating in a rapid dash down to Tesco’s…take your time, it’s worth it and you’re likely to regret it if you don’t.

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Decide On a Mood

Whether the intention is to be romantic with your partner or have an upbeat and modernist inspired dinner party for ten decide on your mood prior to looking at anything else; the food, guest list, dress code and venue can all come later, decide on the theme you want to run with and plan everything around that. There are a multitude of ideas online if you are searching for a theme and currently finding yourself uninspired. As an additional tip, as well as looking at websites for ideas, use the Google image search and also the social media platform Pinterest, this is an outstanding visual aid and will provide you with endless creative, innovative and original ideas. Be unique – you don’t have to stick to tradition.

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Prepare in Advance

Planning may be boring but it is essential. It’s fairly easy to get a good idea for an event in your head, but putting it into action and creating that ambience and atmosphere just as you imagine takes hard work…and advance planning. Don’t like lists? Tough! You need to learn to make them, and stick to them. Create an actionable list of all the tasks you need to complete, then prioritize and order them taking into account the time you have and the time required, allow for things to go wrong (as they always do!) and set to work. Organisation is key – and that ambience must be perfect!

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It’s everything! Lighting forms a huge part of the ambience at any event or occasion. You can create the perfect mood with various types of lights and lighting effects whether these are tealights, pillar candles, floating candles, church candles, elaborate chandeliers, uplights on a path, coloured lights, moving lights or light stencils that incorporate light with shadow. There’s a myriad of choice around on the market so you can be certain of finding something suitable for your event.

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The power of music to reach deep into the soul, harness our thoughts and fears and make us feel a certain way either because of an associated memory or a simple melody is undeniable and undisputable. Kind of an important reason to get it right then! Plan a playlist or get a DJ sorted as a matter of priority and add that finishing and vital touch to create the ultimate ambience. Different forms of music create different atmospheres; live music for example is celebratory, heavy house music exciting and quick paced whilst a playlist can be easily themed as you wish.

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Lastly, enjoy! You’ve put in the hard work; you’ve earned it…and likely a stiff drink too!

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