25 Ideas for Garden Furniture in Vibrant Colors

Beautiful garden furniture brings function and comfort to any type of outdoor space. Lightweight rattan chairs and tables, swings, and cushions are essential items that will make your patio seem comfortable, chic, and stylish. This summer season is all about vibrant colors as far as garden furniture is concerned. Bold shades of purple, fuchsia, red, and of course, soothing pastels, are all ready to convert a dull backyard into an effervescent natural oasis.

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Shifting your living room to the backyard requires long-lasting furniture. The decor has to withstand harsh weather conditions, as well as provide good value for the money invested. Vibrant nuances are dominating the current market. Neon shades of green and orange and patterned influences will convert your backyard into a heavenly summer spot.

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Assess the space available prior to buying the furniture, and create balance. Stay away from voluminous items if your patio is small. Stick to materials that are lightweight such as wicker, bamboo and rattan. Other materials like wood, glass, and steel will also add style, yet they’re heavier and you won’t be able to move the items all the time.

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Garden furniture should feature a parasol or more if you have space. These items create shade and they’re available in lots of color palettes you’ll adore. Match a light pink parasol with flowers in the same nuances; stick to rattan garden furniture in black shades and add patterned cushions to create the most incredible and soothing outdoor setting for family and friends. Here are 25 practical ideas for garden furniture you will adore:

1. Santa Fe Daybed

2. Cuba Black Double Daybed

3. Mirage Lounger

4. Monte Carlo Coffee Table

5. Cuba Mocha Bench

6. Ninix Bench

7. Zidiz Bench

8. Mirage Lounge Chair

9. Cuba Mocha Chair with Stool

10. Radial

11. Alura Low Chair

12. Sultan Swingbed

13. Zidiz Lounger

14. Surf Lounger

15. Luna Daybed

16. Fold Left Armed Aluminum

17. Ninix Lounge Corner

18. Cuba Black Sofa Center

19. Scatter Cushion

20. Torre Scatter Cushions

21. Umbria Torre Hot Pink Round Parasol

22. Shady Centric Parasol

23. Claremont Planter

24. Elliot Water Catcher

25. Qt Lounger