Stunning Yet Simple Ideas to Give Your Kitchen A Modern Look

The kitchen is often considered the most used room of the home where the family gathers and a place where many people like to entertain. To update the style of the room and allow it to look sleek, it’s important to create a modern design that contributes to the value of the home. To transform the look of your kitchen, there are a few simple things that can allow it to look current without having to remodel.

Industrial Bar Stools

Industrial bar stools can provide an extra seating area in the kitchen and will also contribute to the design of the home. The metal style of the seats are rustic and can complement white subway tiles or concrete countertops that are installed. If you don’t have a kitchen island where the bar stools can be used, consider using industrial chairs at a wood table where the family gathers for informal meals.

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Wood Shelves

Use wood shelves to display your dishware and create a cozy addition in the kitchen for a space that feels more open with everything exposed. You can also add plants or flower vases to the shelves for added pieces of decor to create a space that feels plenty cozy and makes everything easy to access. Consider using shelves that are made from reclaimed wood and have metal supports for decor that doesn’t have to match everything in the room.

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Hanging Fruit Baskets

Hanging fruit baskets were popular in the 80s and 90s and have made their return to kitchens to hold bananas, apples, and pears. The hanging baskets prevent less space from being used on the countertops and shelves while also filling in bare areas with a trendy addition.

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White Dishware

Opt for using white dishware in your kitchen to create a sleek and modern style that allows the room to look clean. You can display the dishware in a China cabinet or even leave it out at each seating area on your dining table, which will contribute to the formality of the space and make it look inviting to your guests. Dinnerware sets can help make your kitchen look more updated and uniform.

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Geometric Print Rugs

Use rugs with geometric prints and patterns on the floor to add extra warmth to the kitchen and use pops of color that allow the room to look less bare.

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When you want to update your kitchen into a sleek and modern environment, you don’t have to renovate the room to transform the style. By making simple changes with various items that are used, it’s possible to enjoy a trendy environment that you can show off to your guests.