Tips for Improving Home Office Efficiency

Having a home office means that you can potentially work in an effective, efficient manner without the hour long commute each way. Even if you go to an office four to five days per week, a home office can be an effective tool in your quest to get your work done on time and correctly.

Making a home office a space that’s actually efficient can be difficult when you consider all of the distractions that come with the average home though. That doesn’t mean you need to give up hope and find an office share somewhere.

Use this guide to learn more about how to set up an efficient home office so you can get down to work and back to spending time with your family a little bit faster.

Stop Checking Your E-Mail

E-mail is the number one way people communicate their business-related needs at this point. That doesn’t mean that you need to be an e-mail junkie who checks their inbox every five minutes.

Set aside specific times to check your e-mail. For most people, doing this just a few times per day can make you more efficient and help you actually get work done.

Limit Distractions

Working at home can be hard because people you love tend to be in your space. While you might like spending time with them, limit your distractions so you can focus on getting your work done.

The upside to a private, personal space is that you’ll get work done faster so you can go back to doing what you really like to do with your family.

Improve Your Desk Setup

5 out of 10 times you go into a home office you’ll see a makeshift desk setup that isn’t really all that functional. If you do manage to get some work done in these home offices, it’s often in spite of their setup instead of because of them. You don’t have to have a home office like that anymore.

Optimize your desk setup by giving yourself more workspace if possible. For many home offices, L shaped office desks provide ample space for a computer, writing and any paperwork that may need to be out at any given time.

You’ll also have room for storage and files under your desk this way, so don’t immediately assume that a large L shaped desk isn’t small enough for your space. They can work in a lot of rooms and they can make you more efficient.