Improve iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Signal with Linkase EMW Element

One really great advantage of nowadays technologies is the fact that you have the chance to choose among many different gadgets and things. Let’s take under consideration Apple’s latest phone – iPhone 5 – almost every person owning such device is going to buy a case and in this article we will tell you which case is the best.

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Take a look at the Linkase – it is made with really durable polycarbonate, non-slip leather and absorbent rubber. Every tiny detail is really carefully considered and measured. This is why you can be sure that Linkase will wrap around your phone preserving its great look at the same time. You might say that there are numerous other cases that have the same features, however, this one has one specific that will attract your attention – it is the integrated EMW element. It doesn’t matter if you are in a cafe, at home or at the airport, all you need to do is to slide out the EMW element and the Wi-Fi enhance tool will come in hand.

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This particular EMW element is the thing that improves the wireless signal. But that’s not all – you will even experience improvement in the download and upload speed.

If you are already convinced that you want to buy this case, then you might want to choose between frost white, ash gray, coal black, Antarctic blue and chili red colors. There is even a chance to create your own color combination.