9 Incredible Logo Design Tips to Create an Engaging Brand

Designing a logo is a massive responsibility for any graphic designer. Now, you have the ability to determine the entire identity of a company in just one symbol. When you get to work, you have loads of things to consider. The logo needs to be eye-catching, but not too flashy. It ought to be memorable, but not over the top. It is incredibly difficult to get things right straight away. Over time, as you develop your craft, you will find that this is one of the most enjoyable products you could undertake. Take note of these Superb Logo Design Tips to help you along the way.

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Understand the Brand and Company

Before you do anything, you need to ensure that you understand the brand and the company itself. If  you don’t spend some time getting to know the business, you can’t create a lasting brand for them. You should hold many meetings with the company founders so that you can start to understand what the key values of the business are. Once you know what the company is trying to do, you can get to work. Everything you do has to have meaning. Without meaning, your designs are worthless.

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Use One Core Message

While you get to know the business side of things, you should also establish the core message that the clients want to portray. What do they want to tell people about their business? You might find that people want the logo to represent power or stability. Ask them to define their business in four words. Those words might be something like trustworthy, valuable, quality and successful. You can use the phrases as a starting point in your design. They are the message you need to get across to the audience.

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Use Psychological Color Tricks

Color is a massively powerful medium, and you must never forget that. When you are choosing colors, you need to ensure that they suit the company. Different colors represent different things to people. As a rule, yellow is a weak color, and so you might want to avoid using it in your designs. People have a psychological connection with colors, and you can use that to your advantage. You should learn a little about what effect color has on people. That way, you can choose appropriate tones for your business.

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Ensure that Your Brand is Flexible

When you create a brand, you need to ensure that it is flexible. That is to say that people can use it in many different ways. A company might want to put your logo on balloons for a promotional event, for example. It is your duty to make sure that the logo can transfer to almost any medium. You might have to make a small version of your logo that people can use on tiny surfaces. In the same respect, you need to make sure that you have a symbol people can use on Facebook and Twitter that fits the measurements of the site.

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Ignore Industry Trends

There are loads of trends when it comes to design, but when it comes to a logo, you should ignore them. When you design an advert, a company might use it for around a year at the most. When you design a logo, though, the company will want to use it forever. That means that a brand design needs to be timeless in order for it to work. You should choose a design that will stand the test of time, rather than one that captures the zeitgeist of the moment.

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Ensure that Your Design is Unique

When you are in the design process, you probably take inspiration from loads of different places. The main thing that you want to avoid, though, is your brand looking like anyone else’s logo. Sometimes, you will not notice the resemblance yourself because you will be busy designing. If you have subconsciously copied a design, you need to change it. If the logo looks like any other design, people will assume that it is a cheap version of that company. That is the last thing that you or your clients want, so you have to avoid it.

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Include Hidden Imagery or Text

Some of the best logo designs out there use hidden messages in them. For example, if you take a look at the FedEx logo, you will notice that the letters ‘e’ and ‘x’ make up an arrow symbol. In the blank space between the letters, the shape is clear to see. This logo is an example of creative design and works on many different levels. If you can add another level to your logo design, it will be popular with loads of people. If you can pull this quirky idea off, it will be incredible.

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Include a Wordmark and a Symbol

Usually, there are two parts to a logo – the wordmark and the symbol. If you look at most modern logos, you will see that they have separate parts. The symbol is a  picture that seeks to define the company and its ethos. The wordmark is just the name of the company in an elegant typeface. You should ensure that these two elements complement each other well. If they conflict with one another, it will mean that the brand looks overly complex.

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Keep Things Simple and Straightforward

The main mistake that designers tend to make is that they make their designs too complicated. You need to keep things as simple as possible. In that respect, you don’t want to use too many different colors or styles in the design. Settle on just one style or theme and use it throughout the design itself. When people look at the logo, you need to make sure that it is easy to understand. If it looks messy, they will not like it, which means that they will take an instant dislike to the brand and company.

When you are designing a logo, you need to keep these things in mind. Right now, it might seem as though it is an epic job. Once you start, though, you will find that you are brimming with ideas for it!