10 Inspirations to Decorate Your First Home

Acquiring the first home is by all means a special occasion. Realizing that you finally own a home is overwhelming on its own. And, the joy becomes even larger with the fact that it is a white canvas (of sort) waiting for you to transform it in the real work of art, cut and shaped solely according to your personal preferences. Still, in order to create a successful design, listening to the artist within will not suffice. There are things that need to be followed to in order for everything to turn out just right.

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Do the Things in a Way You Always Dreamed About

Decoration is a serious process and it requires careful planning. Determining a reasonable deadline and setting a budget are the first steps. It will take time, so do not expect to finish overnight nor set tight deadlines. The primary goal is to finish everything in a way you always dreamed about, a few days added in order to do so will be well worth it. When the budget is concerned, try to stick to the set one as closely as you can in order not to get sidetracked. Still, allow for a 15% increase of the original sum, since unexpected costs frequently occur.

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Draw a Floor Plan

This may seem like a nuisance at first glance but it is the only way to make sure that you will not make a drastic mistake when furniture or any other large item choice is concerned. What good is an item that you found on huge sale and you always dreamed of having if it simply cannot fit in the room? There are various online programs that allow easy and fast drawing of a floor plan. On the other hand, if hand drawing and measuring is what you prefer, do it like that. All the time you invest in this activity will only be beneficial since it will minimize the chance of mistakes.

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Wall Colors – Neutral or Bold? Your Choice….

The reason why wall colors are the next step is because they practically dictate the rest of the interior design. Going for a neutral palette in every room will allow you a wider choice when other design elements are concerned. On the other hand, if you always wanted to have bold colored walls, that is perfectly OK, as long as you pay attention to color theory when incorporating other elements, all in order to create a compact atmosphere instead of mishmash.

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Furniture – Add a Contrasting Furniture Element

There are dozens of stores where you will be able to find premade furniture combinations for every room and style. Some stores and manufacturers even allow you to choose the color for each combination. This makes things a lot easier and safer when it comes to matching furniture styles with wall colors. However, if you wish to make a personal statement and add a contrasting furniture element, by all means do it. This is your home and you do not have to strictly follow the postulates stated by interior design experts and magazines.  For example, who is to say that one of beautiful classic bentwood chairs does not go with a modern style sofa and boldly colored walls if you heart beats strong when you see this combination?

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Personalize – Add Your Personal Touch

Always keep in mind that the space that you are decorating is in fact your home and should look like one. Hang your favorite works of art on the walls, dedicate a spot to your music and movie corner, and exhibit your beloved book collection. Every room in the house needs to breathe that home atmosphere, not to look like a room from a catalogue or in a property that is for sale.

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Once again, decorating a home is a serious task. Treat is as such, but do not forget to listen to your inner self along the way and have fun doing it. After all, you will be living there and you should feel at home in every single room.