6 Ways to Beautify Your Garden And Make it More Instagram Friendly

Having a garden is a perk in itself, but in today’s world of social media, it gets more and more important to be able to share your design ideas and get some attention that way. There are various gardening Instagram accounts out there, with plenty of ideas that can help you with your own garden. This guide, however, can give you some insight into some of the ideas and the philosophy of gardening overall, so you can make your own decisions and beautify your garden the way you see fit.

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Give Your Plants a Facelift

While there’s some beauty in letting your plants and trees just grow, sometimes pruning the overgrown shrubs can give them a much-needed refreshment. What’s even more important is to consider if your trees and plants are compatible the way they look together, because gardening is all about coherence. Pruning is actually healthy for the plants because it actually lets the air circulate around them better. Make sure you’re equipped when it comes to gardening tools and that you always leave a clean cut. A good tip is to always try to take a step back and look at your garden from as far away as possible to see if the plants make sense the way they are.

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Water is the element of life. In my opinion, every garden should have at least some water in it, because it goes so well with the plants. The sound of water alone will create an incredibly calm atmosphere, the one every garden deserves. You probably already know that all of the Japanese gardens always have water and that it’s a really old tradition. If you can afford it, try to add a fountain or two to your garden, or even better – a small pond with fish in it. It alone will make your garden so much more attractive and motivate you to further your efforts on improving your garden visually.

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Garden Surface

You’ll agree that concrete is fairly boring when we talk about any garden. For one, it’s usually gray and it adds an urban tone that doesn’t really go well with the greenery. You can consider and go with the decking, which can be really interesting, or even better – with colored stone tiles. There are some super popular Instagram accounts like PlantsOnPink that focus on mixing different types of plants with a certain color. You can try and contact some color experts like ASAP Roof Painters if you need advice about matching colors of your stone tiles with your plants and submit your photos to one of the popular Instagram accounts.

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Edible Gardening

Having fruits or vegetables right next to your regular plants can really refresh your garden and make it look livelier. And not only that, the fruit of your labor can really look great with its imperfect shapes and sizes, unlike anything we’re allowed to see in our supermarkets. Having a blueberry plant in a pot will add some much-needed color to your garden, but you can also go with something like cherry tomatoes, beans, or all sorts of green herbs. Don’t just keep these plants for their visuals though, but eat them as well.

Garden Lighting

Due to work hours, many people don’t have the time to enjoy their gardens until the evening. Having proper lighting will not only make your garden usable at night, but it will also make it much more appealing if you do it correctly. Try to always mix your miniature lights with your plants for an amazing look, which surely attract lots of endorsement from your Instagram followers. Keep in mind that it’s always better to have lots of smaller LED lights than to have one bigger light source.

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Getting furniture for your garden is more than just simply buying a furniture set that looks good. It’s vital that you know how much space you’ve got for this purpose before making any purchases because you’ll want it to fit perfectly with your patio. Also keep in mind that you’ll mostly be using your garden to relax and put your mind to rest, so it’s extremely important that the furniture you get is really comfortable. Get some tips on buying furniture and create your own little heaven.

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In today’s society of concrete and skyscrapers, having a garden can be incredibly important to reconnect ourselves with nature. And if you happen to be lucky enough to eat the fruits of your labor, you’ll help yourself immensely. Not only can the gardens help our mental state, but they also look beautiful and showing it to the world can be incredibly satisfying for you. By being proud of your garden and sharing it you might motivate more people to plant a tree or two, which will help us all in the long run.