Interior Décor Ideas by Integrating Houseplants for A Refreshing Ambiance

If you are puzzling over interior décor styles that are beautiful, suited to all tastes, affordable, and improve the wellness factor of your home, you need not look any further than the garden nursery in your neighborhood. Plants are a perfect method of enlivening the interior landscape of your home and a wonderful way of connecting with nature, especially in urban concentrations that have limited access to open spaces. Apart from being easy on the eye, having plants around us at home is actually good for our health as they remove the toxins present in the air and boost the oxygen levels. Studies have conclusively proved that the presence of plants and shrubs have a positive impact on the lowering of blood pressure and relieving stress.

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You will be amazed at the choice of plants you can get at a local garden center. If you think a little imaginatively then you can use them as effectively as artifacts, fabrics, and furniture to enhance the décor of your home. The best thing is that house plants are completely immune to the rapidly changing home décor fashion trends and are extremely inexpensive. If you know how to take elementary care of plants, you will have no trouble at all in maintaining houseplants that will add a refreshing dimension to your home.

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Houseplant Design Analysis

Before you set off to buy houseplants to do up your interiors, you should ideally analyze the interior spaces for style and space so that you can make your choice wisely. You need to wisely study the space or room and decide whether its style is classic or contemporary, formal or informal, urban chic or rustic so that you can estimate how the plant and its container should ideally be. It is important to get this match right as else; the arrangement will always appear to be out of joint. For example, in living rooms of modern residential properties, you may wish to have a single flowering plant while an abundance of herbs placed in terracotta pots may work very well in a country kitchen setting.

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Choose Plants to Complement Spaces

Rather than making the inclusion of houseplants an afterthought in the house decor process, you should ideally regard it as an integral part of the décor of each room. If you have a large hall with a high ceiling, it will look far better if you include big plants with lush foliage or bold colors. The most common mistake that people make when arranging plants is regarding the size of the plant; usually, they choose plants that are far too small that end up being overwhelmed by the high ceiling and bulky furniture. Space permitting, you can even allow an area to be dominated by a few statement plants, almost as if they were pieces of sculpture. Conversely, if you are decorating spaces that are small, it is best to go along with plants that have dainty foliage and an understated color scheme. The way the plants are arranged in a spot can make all the difference to the atmosphere.

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Address the Physical Structure

The physical structure of the spaces being designed needs to be taken into account at the time of planning the décor. You can use placement of plants strategically to enlarge or define spaces; for example, if you are decorating a large room, you may desire to break it up subtly with a lady palm acting as a natural room divider. To make a room seem larger, you can place a small but an attention-grabbing colorful plant across the room so that upon entry, all eyes are drawn to it across the expanse. You can also use houseplants to creatively highlight certain structural details; for example placing trailing plants on ledges or shelves can create a dramatic effect with the leaves spilling down to the floor. Similarly, small potted plants placed on each step of the stairs can add a very welcoming look to your home.

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Andrew Thompson is a freelance interior decorator who has created waves with his ultra-modern space designs crafted for a number of futuristic residential projects in Prabhadevi, Mumbai.