Interior Design Trends from Maison et Objet: Taking 2013 by Storm

Maison et Objet is the ultimate Parisian design exhibition. The biannual fete has been hailed as one of the top interior design shows in all of Europe by Design Boom. This year, the trends at Maison ditch standard design techniques and pull home decor into a new era. The meteoric rise of vintage drama, eco-friendly chic and exotic flair have rendered interior design in 2013 anything but sweet and simple. Whether you’re looking for traditional, gaudy or stark ambiance, Maison trends offer inspiration for your next project.

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Unassuming Blends

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A dash of red was a design staple ten years ago, and who can forget the world’s obsession with yellow/grey color combos in 2010? This year, unassuming, versatile color blends are peppering drawing rooms. The French studio, Adonde, embodies this freedom with their bright, tessellating triangle shelves, and interlocking chevron pillows (above), like Missoni’s make the perfect addition to any daring sofa. Designer’s color and texture choice reigns once again, making this the perfect time to explore your passions with contrasting colors, textures and styles.

Vintage Flair

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There is nothing new under the sun; including the reemergence of floral patterns in your home. “Enough with the plain. I think people want pretty,” says designer Leta Austin Foster to House Beautiful. The delicate, timeless appeal of Colfax- and Fowler-like (inspired by the midcentury Chelsea legend) floral accents or even primary pieces can help achieve this look.

Earthy Chic

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This is the year to upgrade to sustainable, earth friendly elements wherever you can. Solar lighting, reclaimed wood and verdant accents are making a long overdue comeback. Recycled, restored and “alive” can all be essential elements to the beauty of green design. The U.S. Green Building council reports that by 2015, 51 percent of firms are planning on more than 60 percent of their building and design work to go green. Interior design at and other prestigious universities now offer majors in sustainable design, making it a new trend that will stick around for awhile.

Cultural Influence

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Exotic world travel may not always be in your reach, but this year its influences are. From Africa to England, designers like Timothy Oulton are paving the way for culturally diverse, unapologetic design. Oulton’s heavy use of the Norwegian Flag and the Union Jack suggest that exotic isn’t limited to the far corners of the earth. However, African animal textures, Moroccan lanterns and Grecian statues still remain major league players on the scene. Prolific designer Jeanine Hays define this trend as “Aphrochic,” and encourages designers to play with masks, Senufo beds and traditional portraiture in their exotic design planning. It doesn’t matter the which country or region the exotic pizzazz comes from, as long as it fits with the rest of the motif, you can use it to bring a home to life.