iPhone 5 Life Proof Case and Accessories to Make You Use it with More Freedom

The award-winning all-protective maker of everyday cases for tablets and smart phones, LifeProof, announced that there is a new wave of accessories which are going to be released. According to the manufacturer, the case of iPhone 5 will give freedom to users and allow them to take their devices everywhere without having to worry about anything.

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Using this case you can swim, bike, run or go to the gym without having to worry that you will damage your device. Even if you are a construction worker you can take the phone with you. And the best thing is that you will have complete access to all functions of the phone.

LifeProof Case for iPhone

This case is not only dirt proof but also water proof, shock proof, snow proof and at the same time it has a really sleek design providing complete access to any single function of the phone. The case has different great colors such as Flat Dark Earth, Cyan, Magenta.

New Accessories for iPhone 5

Here we have 5 latest iPhone 5 accessories to make you use your iPhone 5 with more freedom and excitement.

1- LifeProof Car Mount

There are plenty of accessories that can be used with this case. You should definitely get the LifeProof car mount. You can also listen to iTunes, navigate with GPS and make various hands-free calls. The car mount makes your iPhone even more functional. Thanks to it you will now have the perfect travel companion. The locking cradle keeps the phone steady so you don’t have to worry it will be damaged due to the road. The phone will not come off until you turn the release lever. This great accessory can be yours for 40$.

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iphone car mount

2- Bar & Bike Mount

Whether you burn up the backcountry, pedal the pavement or do anything risky, make sure you have your iPhone secured and mounted in the Bar and Bike Mount. Music, communications, GPS, performance applications, everything can be easily used. The device works great with strollers as well. The price is 40$.

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bike and bar mount

3- Swimband / Armband

Hit the pool, surf, gym, road, courts, track or trail with your iPhone strapped on your armband. This accessory is really great because it keeps the phone literally within your arm’s reach. You will have full access to your camera, GPS, training apps, communications and music. It can become yours for 50$.

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4- Belt Clip

This belt accessory fastens your phone to your belt and you can move it everywhere you want thanks to the fixed positions. The accessory is perfect for law enforcement, military or emergency services. The price is 30$.

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belt clip

5- LifeJacket

The Life Proof Jacket will keep your phone always in a perfect condition. It surrounds the case itself making the iPhone secure no matter of your location. You don’t have to worry that you will damage the device simply because doing so is nearly impossible. The Life Jacket can be yours for 40$.

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life jacket