10 Very Useful iPhone Photography Tutorials for the Artist in You

Bring out your phone and get ready to capture the best moment of your life with these 10 useful iPhone Photography tutorials!

Before, only a few practices photography because it requires long patience in practicing and must invest in a good camera to ensure good quality. But with today’s technology, photography is made easy for everyone because cameras are installed on every device. Now, just bring out your phone and you’ll able to capture every scenery or moment that you want to remember.It’s that simple. And if you’re using iPhone, you can level up your photography skills with these 10 useful Photography tutorials.

10 Very Useful iPhone Photography Tutorials for The Artist In You:

1. Rule of the thirds

Not many are familiar with the name but if you see the gridlines on your camera every time you snap a photo, that’s the rule of thirds. It’s helpful determining where the main subject should be placed. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can enable it by tapping the “options” button on the top part of your screen.

2. Creating a striking silhouette

In photography, shadow adds a mystery-looking effect. If you want to make it even more striking, use Snapseed and Photoshop Express.

3. Black & White portrait

There are moments in life that best captured in black & white. You can create a stunning black & white portrait by knowing the proper way to use natural and artificial light, or use photo editing tools to convert your photo.

4. Macro photos

Macro photography is exciting because you can capture your subject as close as you want. Just avoid getting too close to avoid blurs.Tip: know your phone lens’ focal length to know how close you can get before it blurs.

5. Changing light photo to darker image

The darker image often stimulates a dramatic effect on a photo. Now, with the help of photo editing tool, you can change all your light photo into a darker image anytime you want.

6. Creating conceptual images

A photograph is like a painting, you want to capture it in the most creative way possible. You can achieve that by mixing different digital collage techniques, textures, and filters. You can create a conceptual image that is way beyond your imagination.

7. HDR technique

iPhone’s camera has a lot of good features and one of it is the HDR. This technique is best for shooting high contrast scenes where both bright and dark areas are within the frame. If you’re into landscape photography, this feature is a must-try.

8. White Balance

White Balance goal is to make the subjects look as natural as possible. No one wants to have a photo with the distorted color cast. The best way to ensure you’ll get it right is by setting the White balance every time you shoot.

9. Depth of field

The depth of field indicates the range of sharp focus in a photo. In larger cameras, you can adjust it easily with the aperture of your lens. But since iPhone doesn’t have that, you can achieve this effect by using different photo editing tools.

10. Fotomecha

Fotomecha is an application where the camera continuously capturing one photo and simulates it in multiple lenses. It’s best for creating film effects and animated GIFs.

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