Kitchen Design Tips for the Summer

Spring is settling down for the year as summer takes the stage.  As you get your home ready for the summer months you’ll soon be headed for the kitchen, getting it ready for a season of gatherings and barbecues.  Here are some tips for prepping your kitchen for the summer.

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Lighten Up

Dust off your windows and your curtains and let the sunlight inside.  Put away any heavy items like table cloths and thick insulating curtains and bring out thinner accessories. Soft linen curtains let the sunlight in while keeping the intensity down during the brighter parts of the days.

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Seasonal Color Choices

Every designer has an opinion on what the perfect colors are for summer.  Yellows, reds, greens, blues, and purples are all common opinions on ideal colors for decorating in the summer.  The best advice is to take a look around at what is growing around your home.

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Do you have a patch of roses coming into bloom right outside your kitchen window?  If so, splash a little red in your kitchen.  If the trees and grass are boldly displaying their leafy greens, then add a touch of green.  Likewise if you live in a southwestern state where the grass isn’t exactly green, decorate in line with the more earthy tones that are growing around your home.

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Decorative Accents

Summer is all about parties and entertaining, so you want a kitchen that looks inviting as well as ready to be used.  A table set with dinnerware in soft pastel colors not only adds a gentle touch of summer color to the kitchen, but is also ready to be used for quick pop ins from your neighborhood friends.

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Flowers make a great accent to your kitchen.  Seasonal blooms like lavender bring in both natural beauty and fragrance, just keep floral arrangements thin and display them in clear or crystalline stile vases.

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Think about what the season of summer means to you and add your favorite touches.  If summer means picnics then decorate your kitchen with a few baskets of fruit.  If summer means beach time exploration then why not add a centerpiece of a bowl of seashells from your last oceanic expedition?

Relax with Friends

Summer is all about the barbecue and other friendly gatherings.  Call up your friends and family and have them relax indoors during the hot parts of the day.  Having a pitcher of chilled iced tea ready on your kitchen counter or table makes it easy for guests to quench their thirsts.  Bowls of fresh summer fruits like strawberries also make great snacks when your family comes and goes through the heart of your home.

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Your Personal Touch

Summer is all about keeping things light and not overdoing it.  Your kitchen design should be all about your tastes and choices and what makes you feel relaxed and comfortable at home.  Have fun with your design and you’ll love your summertime kitchen.

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Cassie Corbett is a writer and design specialist with the cookware suppliers at World Kitchen.