Latest Trends in Luxury Furniture Design

Most recent trends in home décor are centered on colorful designs, glass furniture and structural shapes. Whether you’re decorating a living room, lobby or kitchen, it’s important that you pay close attention to material fusions. Mixing different material types and accentuating your appreciation for the eco-friendly concept adds a touch of originality and innovation to your beautiful residence. Here are some more luxury furniture design trends to watch out for this season.

Versatile Materials

Stone, reclaimed wood, glass and metal are modern materials used for home design. However, if you want your private space to look ingenious, you must think outside the box – translucent or stained glass for example, is an ideal choice for a dining or coffee table. Go for a bold color mix or select an exotic blend of materials. Glass works ideally with wood, and the end result can either fit an office space or a bedroom. Many homeowners consider that glass is too sensitive to be placed in the living room; fortunately, as long as you select the right thickness, you have nothing to worry about.

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Minimalistic Influences

Minimalistic architecture gained popularity in the 80s when designers started crafting the simplest décor pieces with the highest level of impact. The main concept of a minimalistic design is to take everything out of a certain space and keep only the essentials. Inspired from Japan and the Zen philosophy, minimalistic furniture designs are centered on luxury pieces, too. For example, if your living room is rather empty and simple but you add an imposing translucent coffee table, the overall allure of your space will change to 360 degrees. The trend is defined by basic geometric shapes, simple materials, structural repetitions and high quality materials.

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Cool Color Palettes

Soft pastels and natural colors for interior design are in trend this season. Mix them with soft shades of creamy white, gray and black, if you want to highlight the most beautiful contrasts. Today’s finest palettes for furniture are interesting combinations of mauve and mustard yellow, rich blue, deep purple and even fuchsia; all of them work beautifully with colder nuances of beige, black and white.

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If you’re decorating a space that’s constrained and feels crammed full, you might want to add décor items made of sheer glass to welcome in more natural light. A glass coffee table, console, drawer, or even a whole bookcase made of glass will automatically open up a small room.

Classic Furniture Designs

A trend that will never fade away in home décor is the classical design concept. Focused on balance, order and symmetry, the style originated from the ideals of the Roman and Greek empires. The centerpiece of this style is the focal point through which visual balanced is attained. Homeowners can place an interesting fireplace in their living rooms to match with their golden armchairs, or they can hang a mirror above their sofa to match with the glass coffee table. In terms of color, the classical trend focuses on natural shades of green. Plants are more than welcomed in a traditionally designed room.

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Art Deco and Urban Influences

Shaped in after the First World War, the art deco style is optimistic and exciting. Many interior designers see this trend as the most elegant and glamorous; the furniture is sleek and luxurious and the pieces are manufactured from industrial materials. Wood for example, is lacquered in deep shades of black and upholstery is conventionally covered in velour to give rigid structures a more comfortable appeal.

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When combined with urban accents, the art deco style takes a whole new turn. The interiors are made of non-traditional materials, often including home décor pieces that are used in industrial spaces. Galvanized steel, metal siding, concrete flooring and exposed beams are just some ideas you can use if you want to give your home an urban appeal.

Investing in home décor items such as cabinets, drawers, and designer glass furniture to change the general feel of your residence demands a lot of patience. Apart from deciding on a style, you must find a way to decorate without over-decorating. Nobody likes a cluttered space, so it’s certainly a good idea to consult an interior decorator before getting started.