Low Cost Ways to Transition Your Home Decor for Fall

The key to switch from one season to another is to keep it simple. Simple really is better. Oh, and did I say you save money when you buy less stuff? Keep your cool and transition your home décor from the light summers to the layered fall season with these low cost ideas.

Decorative Glass

Decorative glass bottles are timeless articles that are definitely affordable and stylish. Colorful bottles can stand alone in a corner or twigs and flowers can be kept in them to make stunning artifacts. Since colors are the very essence of fall, colourful glass bottles make ideal home décor articles for fall.

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Cane Baskets

Baskets are yet another cheap décor items that can be used to arrange all the small stuff that signify fall is here. Bring out the baskets from your garage to arrange gourds, pine cones and miniature pumpkins in them and welcome fall.

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cane basket for fall decor


Cooler evenings are best complemented with candles placed at different altitudes. Create a visual interest with a cluster of candles and infuse warmth accompanied by the soft glow offered by candles.

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Handmade Rugs

Roll out a rich handmade tribal rug to enhance the warmth you have already set-up for the fall. Buying rugs directly from an authentic rug weaving source means you get to save heavily on its original market price. Check out overdyed rugs for sale offered online and save on precious time and good money.

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Throw Blankets

Sport the layered look for this fall by topping with as many layers of blankets as you can conjure. Throw cozy blankets on sofas, armchairs & patio chairs to create a plush feeling for those cold nights. Layering with throw blankets is the most convenient way to bring about a luxurious look.

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Fall Leaves

Fall leaves are the cheapest yet the most attractive means to decorate for fall. Sky is the limit to the ways you can use leaves in your home décor.

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Painted Pumpkins

Whip up some happy hues and give a makeover to a couple of pumpkins that can go onto your mantle or dining table for this fall. Involve the kids in this painting activity and the pumpkins will turn out to be much more fun that you had planned.

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Window Treatment

Refresh your windows with some bright-colored thick drapes and window scarves to suit the season. Get on the mailing list of your favorite home depot to get news of their end of season sales and discounts. This way you can refurbish window treatments without spending much.

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Display Wood

If you have a fireplace, this is the time you get to use it in warming your place. Even if you have an electric fireplace, a stack of firewood neatly arranged near the fireplace adds a cozy feeling to the room.

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DIY Ideas

Do-it-yourself where you can and save money on the fall décor since DIY means you mostly get to work with the articles you already have.  There is an array of online DIY ideas for every occasion, thanks to all the creative folks out there who share their artistic ideas with the world.

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