Best Magento Extension for Boosting your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is an extremely significant for E-commerce business. It is an important channel of communication (with customers) which helps you  reach out more and more customers quickly and  retain them possibly. When you sell your products and services through your E-store, you have to build a pleasant relationship with your customers to keep getting business from them. To serve this goal, Email marketing helps you a lot. In short, it assists you to increase conversion rate, build customer loyalty and run a profitable online business.

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But, when your E-store is bombarded with a huge flow of online traffic (of genuine shoppers), you find it extremely difficult to manage different assignments of E-marketing campaigns such as regular campaigns, autoresponder campaigns, plain text campaigns, RSS feed campaigns, trigger campaigns and send all of them to a large number of subscribers. Fortunately, Magento offers a number of extensions that act as a helping hand in your Email campaigns and offload your work pressure greatly. Have a look at them, which is detailed here below:

1. MageMonkey

Availability: Magento Marketplace

Cost: Free

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MageMonkey is an official MailChimp email marketing system integration for Magento and it provides support for multiple MailChimp email lists, bulk import and export, email autoresponders, sweet tooth points and rewards, batch sync of subscribers from Magento to MailChimp and vice versa, etc. It improves your ability to communicate with your customers and potential customers up to a great extent.

2. Listrak Retail Solutions

Availability: Magento Connect

Cost: Free

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Listrak Retail Solutions can entitle email marketing for Magento store in many ways. This extension has advanced retail segmentation features, which allows you to choose data from customers’ previous purchases to create highly relevant email campaigns. It also helps you to tackle shopping cart abandonment issue by creating an automated emails with personalized content (product recommendations, related items, upselling opportunities) and sending them to customers who did not complete their purchase orders. It also sends transactional emails (order confirmations, e-receipts and shipping confirmations) and post purchase automated messages to your customers and keep them informed about the status of their order.

3. Abandoned cart / Follow up emails

Availability: Magento Connect

Cost: Free

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Abandoned cart / Follow-up emails provides is an effective tool to manage relationships with your customers by keeping in touch with them through customer follow up emails on various important events such as Christmas, holidays, Thanksgiving day, birthdays, completed orders, abandoned cart, newly placed orders etc. Just use this extension and increase your sales manifold.


Availability: Magento Connect

Cost: free

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EmailDirect is a robust and powerful email marketing extension, which allows online retailers to send and track email campaigns easily. Besides this, it also provides detailed reporting, advanced segmentation tools, social media integrations and campaign automation tools. It easily gets integrated with Magento, shopify, yahoo stores, Salesforce, Padiact, Google Analytics & more! Just use this extension and target email subscribers and customers based on their buying habits to boost your sales up to a great extent.

5. Pure360 Email Marketing Integration

Availability: Magento Connect

Cost: Free

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Pure360 Email Marketing Integration is an amazing extension that offers enterprise level segmentation and marketing automation features that helps you to create compelling email campaigns to maximize the lifetime value of your customers. Using this extension, you can easily find out key customer segments based on their buying behavior and create effective, automated campaigns to drive customers to your website and encourage them to buy your products and services.

6. Mzax Emarketing

Availability: Magento Connect

Cost: Free

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Mzax’s Emarketing allows you to create automated marketing campaigns for a period of time and reach out targeted customers determined by multiple filters. You can easily define potential customers with the help of a combination of filters and send them emails. Use this extension and create automated campaigns to address the concerns of customers (like order confirmation, abandoned shopping carts, birthdays, etc.)

7. Advanced Newsletter

Availability: Magento Connect

Cost: Free

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Sometimes, business owners need to send some specific newsletters to a specific group of customers to retain them with an intention to generate leads. Use Advanced Newsletter and draft professional newsletters in a short span of time. This extension offer you almost everything such as mailing list creation and audience segmentation, etc, to maximize ROI from email marketing.

8. Reviews

Availability: Magento Connect

Cost: Free


It’s a fact that Product reviews leave a huge influence on your customer’s buying decision and they encourage new customers to shop. Candid reviews displayed on a product page bring trust and validity to your site and you excel in E-commerce by leaps and bounds as a result of increased user engagement with your products and services. Reviews helps you get more reviews (by sending reminders to customers) and increases your sales easily. It also helps you to show custom recent reviews block on a Magento site, customize the email template and get the statistics of your email campaign in an easy way.

9. Advanced Customer Segmentation and Predictive Analytics

Availability: Magento Connect

Cost: Free


To create effective newsletters and persuade reluctant customers for placing orders (for your products and services), you need to segment them accurately based on their past transaction history, browsing history, gender, the number of days from the last visit, etc. Just use this extension to create and send customized email offers for selected segments of customers and increase conversion (up to 50%) through Email marketing.

10. Dotmailer Extension

Availability: Magento Marketplace

Cost: Free


Dotmailer Extension is a good extension for you if you want to do email marketing smartly. With the help of this extension, you can easily synchronize all visitors and customer data (such as browsing behavior, cart contents, order data, wishlists, etc) and can run special campaigns (through email, SMS, and push notification campaigns) to promote your products and services and increase sales easily. To use this extension, you need a have a dotmailer account and license.

Email marketing has now become an important tool to promote your business easily to a large number of shoppers. All above mentioned extensions for Magento help you to different assignments of Email marketing for your E-store and multiply conversion rates easily.

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