How to Make Your Garage a Safe Playroom for Your Kids – 13 Useful Tips

Even if you only have a small home, it doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself and your family. If you have a bunch of little ones at home, a playroom will definitely be a sound investment.

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If you don’t have as much space as you want for a playroom, you can convert a portion of your garage or your entire garage to a fun playroom. Here are some tips to create a safe haven for your kids:

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Make sure you insulate. You shouldn’t forget to insulate when you are converting a garage to a living space. Garages are not meant to be spaces for people. So, insulation is a must to protect your kids from the weather. It keeps the playroom warm during winter and cold enough during summer.

convert garage to kids playroom

Level the flooring. Garages are usually a few inches lower than the main house’s flooring, granting it is an attached garage. You do not want accidents to happen with your kids especially with the ragged flooring. So leveling and laminate it. You can also opt to have it carpeted just to make it more comfortable.

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Wire properly for electricity. The wiring in your garage is suitable for your crafting and also car needs. With a playroom in mind, you may have to change the wiring in your garage. Remember how your kids will be using the playroom. Add extra sockets and have this done before you eventually start decorating and finishing the playroom.

Add big windows. Most garages have small windows, which are not suitable for people, let alone kids. Have big windows installed to make the playroom more pleasant and airy. This also gives more natural light to the room.

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Change the garage door. Don’t keep your roller door of your old garage. You might want to remove it and replace it with a big window. If you have a yard where your kids might want to play, a new door might be perfect. A sliding door or a glass door that lets the light in will make a huge difference.

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Don’t forget your TV, fans, lighting, and thermostat. The television is a necessity especially for your young kids. You might need to wire in your cable, if you have one. Make sure that you’ve planned the space and find a spot for the TV and the accessories. Your fans, lighting, and thermostat should also be considered, as these are important to keep the playroom comfortable.

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Don’t forget to screen the doors. Since your kids are spending time there, make sure it is closed off from bugs and the weather. Screen doors can be a good idea for this purpose.

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Go for daybeds. When it comes to playroom, prioritize having some sort of bed for your kids to nap. Daybeds can be used for your kids to sleep or sit on. This is also multi-purpose especially when you have guests for the night. With some throw pillows, this already looks inviting.

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Maximize storage. Toys and books will probably be all over the place in the playroom. Consider closed cabinets and bookcases. Be smart with your storage, as well. Combine both open and closed storage options, especially for bulky toys that are more suitable to be displayed.

Invest in multiple-use furniture. In line with storage options, go for double-duty furniture. An ottoman with a hidden storage can be great for keeping those little knickknacks while adding seats.

Pick an interesting color scheme. If you have kids of all ages, don’t settle for the usual pinks and blues. Have a fun color scheme that transcends gender and age. Choose neutral colors that can also be suitable for adult guests. You can have a pop of color here and there for added life.

Get the right window shades. Your playroom will most likely be used for playtime and sleeping. Choose the right window shades that can be used for both purposes.

Have fun and decorate. A playroom should be fun for kids. You need not limit yourself. Incorporate your kids’ personalities in the space and let them choose items that they like.

Written by Kristy Jones, the blog author of A Click Away Remotes – Garage Door Opener and Remotes Blog.