6 Mid-Century Modern Interior Décor Ideas

If you are more of a mid-century person but also want to keep pace with the modern trends as well, then you are more inclined towards the style known as mid-century modern style. When we hear of mid-century interior décor or furniture the things that strike our mind is recto art, bold and symmetrical rugs with velvet cushions on the low-slung sofas complimented by tapered furniture legs to keep the décor simple and clean. The good thing about the mid-century style is that it has never fallen out of trend and remained indispensable too in interior architecture. Stay tuned to the article as it is going to enlist how to amalgamate the past with the new décor trends and see your dream come true.

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Use of Bold Lighting

The second idea that can give your home more of a modern mid-century look is the use of bold lightning that spreads and illuminate all corners of your home. Most of the interior designers are of the view that every modern mid-century home should have an alluring modern chandelier hanging from the ceiling of the main living and dining room. The concept of bold lighting is applicable because it would create an atmosphere that will take you back in the past.

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Mid-Century Coffee Table

The modern mid-century look is incomplete if there is no mid-century coffee table to represent the basic feature and look of the mid-century. Bring your aesthetic sense into play while decorating the coffee table and focus on the principle of the height of the items to be placed on the table such as flowering pots wrapped with fiber material to achieve a mid- century look with clear lines.

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Use of Sun Burst Mirrors as Wall Hangings

A sunburst can be used as a statement piece for the modern mid-century look. Moreover, the use of sunburst mirrors bring and add radiant energy to your décor. The design of the sunburst mirrors might be old, but recent geometrics of the sun-like shape feel totally fresh in the modern home. The sun burst mirrors are available in different materials and sizes. Opt for the mirror that has a unique vibe and looks elegant in your home.

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Add Vibrant Color Accessories to Your Décor

Mid-century was tagged as a century of vibrant colors so if you dream of giving a mid-century look prefer on the color scheme of your décor accessories. When it comes to the side table or central table décor, then candleholders can serve as a vibrant addition to your home décor by infusing a spirit of warmth all around.

Use of Wall Papers

Again the use of wall papers is inherited from the 1960’s interior trends. The use of wall papers can help you add an element of glamor to the traditional look, especially in your dining room with. Most home owners in the present era preferred and loved bold graphical prints for their interior home décor.

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